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Three on Thursday | Making.

September is always a month I look forward to – back-to-school, college football, cooler temperatures (sweater weather!), Charlie’s birthday – and this year promises something new. My mom invited me to accompany her on her first trip to Europe; we are headed to Vienna on the 24th for a cruise on the Danube River! I’ll have a lot more to share about our trip – but for today (after all it is Thursday) – it’s three things I’m making to wear while I’m there.

We’ve been stalking the weather forecasts for Vienna (we’ll be there for three days at the beginning of the trip) and Nuremberg (two days at the end) and we’re looking forward to “fall” – highs in the high 60’s/low 70’s and lows (especially on the river at night) maybe dipping into the high 40’s. I joked with my mom that it’s going to be like Alaska with shorter days 😉 I think it will also be a little dressier, but we’ll still need to be comfortable for traveling and doing a bit of guided exploring in some very old towns with very old streets.

I’m planning on mostly dresses/tunics to wear with tights/leggings/jeans and sneakers/flats/booties. and of course a few hand knits. Along with three new pieces:

First up – the Esmé tunic I shared last week. It only needed hems when I took the photo earlier today and now, it’s done!

I also realized the pattern isn’t printed evenly on the horizontal line. I guess that’s part of the beauty of ikat?!

Next – Soyokaze. The color, textures and fiber (DK weight wool, alpaca, silk) should be perfect for the cooler temperatures. Sorry for the wonky photo … but I have finished that cool collar, worked through the yoke increases, separated the sleeves and now I’m cruising through the four lace repeats that make the body. 

And finally – a Wax and Wool Tote. which I haven’t started yet (I still need to find thread), but friends assure me it’s a quick project (once I get the pieces cut).

The purple is for the bottom, the green for the exterior and the floral for the lining. It will have the same brown leather handles shown in the pattern photo.

I’ll admit that when I finished Esmé today I spent half an hour looking for “fall-ish fabrics” … I would love to make another tunic (likely a Uniform with sleeves). And I’m not even sure it’s crazy to think I might have time. I do have to visit JoAnn’s tomorrow for thread ….

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p.s. thank y’all for your good wishes and understanding about the power outage yesterday (thankfully, we haven’t had another one since I posted yesterday). I wrote several of you today that I totally own that I’m spoiled (my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service) … but today I am most mindful of – and grateful for – air conditioning, ice and internet!


  • Kat

    That ikat Esme is beautiful! And, that tote will be so handy! I love your fabric choices! But, the best is your Soyokaze… I love the yarns you are using and I can’t wait to see it done!

  • Bonny

    How exciting! There is a European river cruise company sponsor on PBS; I don’t even know their name because I’m too busy oohing and aahing over the beautiful scenery and wonderful amenities. It will be a wonderful trip, and you’ll be beautifully outfitted!

  • Carole

    Your trip is going to be fabulous! And I think your plan for tunics and dresses with leggings sounds perfect – you can dress up or down with scarves, handknits, etc. Love the new things you have made and are making!

  • Vera

    Ohh Mary! your Ikat Esme is GORGEOUS! It looks perfect for jeans or leggings or tights. Fun. The wax & wool tote will be perfect for your upcoming trip which sounds like such fun! Is it a Viking River Cruise that you are taking? and your soyokaze…I’m drooling – lol. That is going to be such a perfect addition – it will go with absolutely everything!

  • Patty

    Woo hoo! Your trip will be so exciting! I’ve got a Danube trip booked but it’s not until October 2019! My friend Chrissy and I are going to celebrate turning 60. I can’t wait to see that bag made up!

  • Honore´

    Another trip in just a few days! Exciting!. You’re busy and productive! As Kat sez: I’m really looking forward to seeing the Soyokaze done! Stitch (K & S) on!

  • Kym

    Your trip sounds FABULOUS, Mary!!! I can’t wait to hear more.
    (You would laugh so hard if you saw how I pack for trips — even long trips. Everything always fits in a carry-on. . . )
    I also LOVE that Wool & Wax tote. I’ve been eyeing that pattern for awhile now. I’ll be eager to see how your’s turns out — and to hear what you think of it. XO

  • Margene

    A couple of my friends have been on that cruise of the Danube and they loved it. It would be on my list, too (if I traveled). Love that bag! Your fabric choices are great (perfect!).

  • Nancy

    Catching up on older posts. Love the ikat tunic. All of your projects are beautiful. I think I need to start sewing again…How to find time between Pickleball, Mah Jongg…
    Your trip should be fun — Vienna is beautiful (haven’t been since 1979, can’t imagine it has changed much). A friend tried to recruit us for a Viking River Cruise; we resisted, but she’s finally getting to do it to celebrate and her long-time friends’ 65th.