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Three on Thursday | Fun Things.

Joining in with Carole and friends today to share three fun things.Thing One. Snagged from a recent FaceTime with our favorite almost-two-year-old. “Watch” he tells Poppa. Also, that’s a Batman cape around his shoulders. Chainsaws are for superhero pirates.


Thing Two. My mom and I spent yesterday afternoon making lists and updating our Google map to include bakeries (Lebkuchen in Nuremberg and pastries in Vienna). I also downloaded Rick Steves’ Travel app. Super impressed with the content and usability. also free!


Thing Three. This photo was taken four years ago. Yes, today is Charlie’s 4th birthday! I have the privilege of baking his cake; and Marc and I are looking forward to sharing his party at school this afternoon, followed by a family birthday dinner. Time flies!

Happy Thursday!