Just Life

Labor Day Weekending.

Those three photos I shared on Thursday gave you a pretty good idea what the rest of our “long weekend” looked like. But pictures always tell a better story, right?!

Lots of games. both inside

and out.

Toddler cornhole, which is apparently way more fun than the grown-up version.

Relaxing outside

and enjoying beautiful views in all directions.

Kayaking on the lake.

Enjoying meals together (once the little boys are asleep).

A very special early birthday celebration, which began with hotdogs and hamburgers

and ended with ice cream sandwiches!

And finally, on the last evening, a bonfire at the beach,

complete with s’mores

and one last sunset.

The whole family is also getting a lot more comfortable with the videos and I had a lot of fun compiling my favorite sixty plus seconds into one movie.

And now it’s a short week with lots to do … let’s get to it!

Happy Tuesday!


  • Honore´

    Thoroughly enjoyed “spending the weekend” vicariously with y’all. Were there three little boys there? I couldn’t quite tell. Welcome back and thanks for sharing.

  • Bonny

    What a terrific weekend! I can’t think of one more thing to add that would have made it any better. Thanks for sharing your great times (and please tell me that Charlie is not already four)!

  • Vera

    What a fun/great post. Laughter…great food…silly boys…libations…a bonfire, etc., Etc. Thanks for sharing. Those boys, btw, are getting so big!!! And, toddler corn hole looks awesome.

  • Diane Hickox

    So I always wonder why folks who own those big lovely homes would choose to rent them out on major holiday weekends. Don’t THEY want to use it?? Could be they have more of those and are using one of their other ones!! 😉😉

  • Patty

    What a great weekend! I had an Aperol spritz this weekend myself! Not sure it’s my thing (you know the Campari either…) but it was good on the hot evening we had them.