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Unraveled Wednesday | Queue Check.

Joining in with Kat and friends today to talk about knitting and reading.

I’ve been doing a lot more thinking about knitting than actual knitting lately. This morning, I pulled together all those thoughts and turned them into a solid plan. As a first step, I looked back at my original Make Nine plan. I have made a good deal of progress …

…not only with knitting, but also changing my mind! Two of those “nopes” (Birkin, center and Glaswegian, lower right) I’ve abandoned because of poor pattern reviews, and Archer (center right) because I’m kind of in a cardigan phase right now. Poor Balise (lower center) is still very much in play, but since it’s now August, I’m re-imagining it as a fall/winter/spring sweater.

Here’s the new Make NineLeft to right, top to bottom: Natsu Cardigan, Jaycee, Humulus, Balise, Louise Light, Soyokaze, The Dog Walker, Uniform Light and Gramps Revive. see what I mean about the cardigans? 😉

A few years back, I made a conscious switch to knit more pullovers: a pullover is an outfit, but a cardigan requires another top. Well… now that I’m sewing, that other top is another making opportunity!

I have two pullovers (Calyx and the test knit for Lori Versaci) on the needles and I plan to finish at least one of those before I launch headfirst into this next Make Nine. But Natsu is awfully tempting. I bought the called-for Shibui Reed in Ash … and I have plans to sew the Hadley Top that Ambah is wearing in the pattern photo. (yes, lots of plans!)

Things are a lot less planned on the reading front. I have three books going right nowand they’re all excellent. but TBD what comes next!

Do you keep a queue for knitting and/or reading?


  • Juliann

    I was working on my knitting queue last night. I’m taking a class to knit a Vintersol but was also thinking of Humulus or Buds and Branches because I want a black and white sweater. Need to revisit my Make 9 too.

  • Kat

    Oh, I love the swaps outs you have done! I especially love Soyokaze and the Dog Walker!

    Yes, I have knitting queues… reading queues… and of recent, sewing queues! (most recently added a Vicki inspired T-shirt dress!)

  • Honore´

    Love your new Make 9 choices, especially the Zoyokaze! In my next life. Glad you I are enjoying Gift from the Sea…the other two look interesting; I’ll add to my “someday maybe” list to check out…

  • Vera

    I love Natsu (as you know) and Humulus. Soyokaze looks wonderful (but a BIG project for sure). Nice choices. Isn’t Gift From the Sea just wonderful? So glad you are enjoying.

    No queues for me (other than what comes in on Overdrive). I have “plans” or “ideas” or “thoughts” on what I want to knit, sew, read…but they change daily (often thanks to some blog perusing – lol).

  • Margene Smith

    I LOVED Song of Achilles and her new book Circe is even more fabulous! You’ve knit so many amazing sweaters and I look forward to following your next/new Make Nine!

  • Bonny

    Your queues look lovely! I always have a semi-fluid idea of what I’m going to read next, but I’m also very open to diversions if something new/better strikes my fancy. I’m such a slow knitter that it seems like the concept of a queue is almost meaningless for me! 🙂

  • Kym

    I admire your thoughtful queue building! You always put a lot of thought into your knits, and I appreciate getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your thinking/planning process. XO

    Song of Achilees is one of my all-time favorite books — although I think I’ll agree with Margene here and say that her newest – Circe – is even better! Happy reading!

  • Penny

    I always enjoy seeing what you are knitting/reading or planning to knit/read! And I have pages of things I would love to knit and read – maybe I need to try a little organization and planning and come up with a queue. : ) I’m thinking I might like a re-read of Gift from the Sea.

  • Patty

    I’ve had Humulus on my radar for a long time. Maybe this winter. I’m not sure I have a queue. I get my inspiration from you and our other blog friends and keep it in the back of my mind or favorited on Ravelry. As far as reading…completely shiny object…that’s why I’m now listening to Snap as Bonny just reviewed it and it was the day I needed a new book! 🙂

  • karen

    I change my mind as well, I love cardigans best to knit for me but I’m in a summer top knitting mode (probably because of you…). I haven’t knit a summer top in years!! Needed to fix that.

  • Lydia

    Oh I have a queue and even have everything kitted up-it’s just the time to begin that’s been the problem. I do have an overnight work trip soon and I get to ride shotgun-so hopefully I’ll have something I’ve started recently finished!