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Unraveled Wednesday.

I finished the last book to cover my Summer Bingo* card just after 6 am this morning. Moments of Seeing is a wonderful collection of essays to savor. I highly recommend Katrina Kennison’s blog … and her granola! Hands down this was my best summer of reading in quite a few years. I still need to collect my thoughts – and maybe a few statistics 😉 about the whole thing, but that’s going to wait for another day.

Because I spent the rest of the day visiting my aesthetician and my nail tech (yay! my ten toes now all sport the same color) … and watching the team from Georgia advance to the next round of the Little League World Series.

And now I have a sweater off the needles!

Turns out today unraveled in a most productive way and I hope yours did, too! Head on over to Kat’s to see

*If you’re playing along with Summer Bingo, you have until midnight on Monday, September 3 to count your finished books. Please tag me on Instagram (@mere2007) or share a blog post to have your Bingos included in the final tallies!


  • Kat

    Oh, that sweater!! Gorgeous!! And, I look so forward to your stats update on your summer reading.

    I am reading to the very final minutes… however, 12 days to go means that I am going to try for my second cover all! WOOT!

  • Bonny

    I also enjoyed Moments of Seeing, along with The Gift of an Ordinary Day. She has a wonderful ability to write in a calm and reflective way that helps me to be a calm and reflective reader.

    I did print out a Book Bingo card at the beginning of the summer, so I’m soon going to be taking a look at the books I read this summer and see if any of them fit into any of the squares. It’s a completely different approach for me, but just maybe I’ll come up with a bingo! Congratulations on that lovely sweater!

  • Margene

    You DID have a productive and really quite lovely day! I love relaxing days like that. The sweater looks fabulous (so far). 🙂 I’ve read with an approach similar to Bonny’s and I ended up with 4 Bingos. I’m sure I’ll get around to writing a blog post (next week).

  • Vera

    Oh that sweater Mary – gorgeous!!

    Like others, I printed out a card for Bingo and have not looked at it since. I need to find it and see if anything I read this summer fits. Perhaps I’ll get to it this weekend.

  • Penny

    The sweater is beautiful, and I love the color! And yay for completing your Bingo card! Circumstances in recent weeks have enabled me to accomplish quite a bit of very good reading. I think this has been my best summer of reading in a long time.

  • Patty

    That sweater is fabulous! And my go to color! I can’t wait to hear more about it. I think I’ll end up with two bingos and some other squares but all in all a good summer of reading for me. It always ups my game!

  • Honore´

    So delighted that you introduced me to Moments of Seeing…really, really do like it…have about 75 pages in HomeGoing…fascinating…and I think I’ve gotten the hang of the characters/the stories…and I have no idea if I have a Bingo…a possibility…but it won’t matter….looking forward to seeing your completed sweater in use when the weather’s cooler.

  • Kym

    I love Katrina Kenison! She always says . . . just the right things in just the right way. 🙂
    (My dad is TOTALLY into the Little League World Series. He loves to watch every year.)

  • Lydia

    As usual I got pretty darn close, but only 1 BINGO-well maybe 2. I lost my card for a while although I did read quite a bit this summer.