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Unraveled Wednesday.

Whoa. Wednesday again. already. my knitting and reading don’t look that much different from last week. but I’m still joining in with Kat and crew … because Wednesday!

There is noticeable progress on my mystery shawl. I promised my Monday girls I’d have a finished shawl to share on Monday and after trading emails with a couple of you about my (lack of) progress, I decided to get serious today.
It helps that I’m trying to rest my foot a LOT this week. and that I’m listening to another Vera (yep, I’m on #6 now). perfect company until I got to the bind-off…

…and needed all my concentration to count and keep up with that *&^%$ “foundation stitch” 🙂 Five flowers down and a million to go.

Also, Holly went to the groomer today (and she also turned nine – I’m not sure she quite appreciates how great she looks that she’s older than both Marc and me in dog years).

And in book news, I finally finished Song of Achilles. and I loved it. Miller’s writing is beautiful and her imagination … wow! It’s a great story, beautifully told – but read up on the Trojan War story before you start. I needed the background for the story to make sense.

Visible progress isn’t always the goal (but it certainly helps with blog posts). I hope your week is going well … however you measure it!



  • Kat

    Oh! Happy Holly Day! She looks like her trip to the groomer might not be her favorite thing?? And, I had to use a stitch marker in that blasted foundation stitch!

  • Jane

    Rest that foot and take good care. A sore foot is not any fun. The shawl certainly looks pretty. As long as you are knitting on it, you are making progress.

  • kym

    That color, Mary! It is LOVELY! And progress? Overrated, in my opinion. 😉 Things get finished . . . when they get finished. (That’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.)

    Happy birthday to Miss Holly! She’s looking good. Such a sweet pup. XO

  • Penny

    You did choose a beautiful, rich color and I can’t wait to see it finished! Holly is looking especially cute – Happy birthday, Holly!

  • Alexa

    That’s a very smart-looking little canine friend! And your knitting is looking lovely – such an intricate pattern. Sorry to read about the foot :(, and hoping there’s lots of progress there too.

  • Margene

    I am always, always behind in everything so I totally understand. I love Miller’s books and I had to read up on the Trojan War whilst reading Song of Achilles. I loved that book and I’m happy to learn what little I know about the gods (and goddesses) from her. Your shawl is going to be so beautiful! Happy healing! (Mylo was groomed today.-SO CUTE!)!

  • karen

    Frodo will be nine in October! He gets a little crankier with his grooming as he gets older but he’s never been a big fan of it. Love the photo of you, your knitting and your foot!