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Three on Thursday | Time Flies.

Whoa, it’s after 7pm as I start typing this post. Time flies. even when it’s raining. and I’m (mostly) stuck at home in a boot. In the spirit of Thursday, here are three things that made today fly by for me:

First, my mom brought lunch and we spent a few hours catching up and planning food – for my sister-in-law’s upcoming birthday party and our Labor Day week-at-the-lake. yes, cookbooks were involved. as was the internet.

Next, I’ve reached the first must-think part of the sweater I’m testing for VersaciKnits. Short-row shaping for the back shoulders. in pattern. with neck decreases. before I knew it, two hours had passed!

and finally, a disappointing venture out with Marc, looking for patio furniture. Apparently, the big sales started right after July 4th and now there is next to nothing available in-store. We really wanted to see something in person before we decided, but I’m not sure that can happen. (it is just the very beginning of August, right?)

I hope your day flew by in good ways, too, because tomorrow is FriYAY!

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  • Kym

    Ha! My Silver Palate Cookbook looks just like that! 🙂 (Julee Rosso is a West Michigander; she has a restaurant very near here in Saugatuck — just down the block from where my daughter got married!)

  • Bonny

    It’s nice to see knitting on your countertop, and that cookbook looks wonderful and well-used! Given that you should be able to use your patio in GA well into fall, I do hope you find some furniture you like and can enjoy your beautiful new surroundings!

  • Vera

    Food & knitting – always good! But sorry about the patio furniture. I would want to see/try it before buying as well. Hope you can find something you like.

  • Kat

    I have that same cookbook and have several well loved recipes in it! Beautiful knitting, as always and we have your rain today, for which my garden is profoundly grateful!

  • Vicki

    Given your climate, I’d have expected patio furniture to be a little more “available” year-round! I hope you find something!! Your party planning sounds fun.

  • Patty

    Silver Palate people! They have some great recipes! And I understand your patio furniture problem as we experienced the same thing in ’16 and had to wait a season. ;-( Good luck!

  • karen

    I was flipping through cookbooks for inspirations, like minds!! Maybe the outdoor furniture is like when bathing suits go on sale in February and they are picked over by May 🙂

  • Honore´

    You had a full day…which is no wonder that your post was “late on arrival.” I, on the other hand, totally forgot to post…c’est la vie! I’m sure you’ll find something “almost perfect” for your outside area! And maybe under budget, too!

  • Penny

    Cooking isn’t my favorite thing, but I do love looking through cookbooks. Love the test knit glimpse! And I’m sorry about the patio furniture. I haven’t been out and about in places that would sell that type of thing – I’m afraid that around here they probably already have the snowblowers and other winter items out.

  • Margene Smith

    I agree, we certainly wouldn’t have much patio furniture available this time of year. I’m sure manufacturing of patio furniture is a seasonal thing. I hope you’re able to find something as your season is likely year round(?). Your day sounds like a very good day. I think you have a great handle on how to fill your down time.

  • Carole

    Menu planning is so much fun – I love doing that! Also knitting that makes us THINK is great. As for that outdoor furniture, it’s the same here. If you don’t buy it early it’s just gone.