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Three on Thursday | Counting Down.

Happy Thursday, y’all!  Hopefully by this point, you’ve found something to be happy about – me, I’m happy to mark another week in the boot … and just four more sleeps until Monday’s doctor visit. Three weeks back, I was mentally preparing for another three weeks, but this time, I’m anticipating liberation! I guess it goes without saying that if I leave Monday’s appointment in the boot, I’m going to be … disappointed … because I have plans.

This is a list I couldn’t possibly keep to just three. But I did manage three three’s:

  1. Going out by myself. even for a mundane errand. (note that I have not for one minute missed driving. I guess it’s a mixed blessing.)
  2. Getting back to the mat. I have been diligent about practicing my tree poses in the shower, but just on one leg. My body feels out of balance. and my head, too.
  3. Morning walks to the lake. with Marc.
  4. and in the park. with Lauren.
  5. A pedicure! I did that polish job on the left toes last weekend … the right toes are still sporting the polish from early July. and yep, they’re a different shade of pink!
  6. Two shoes. I’m honestly not sure I’m even going to wait for the pedicure to wear the sandals … no one really looks at toenail polish, do they?!
  7. Walking into the shower. and shaving my legs standing up (the tree pose works for washing, but that’s about it).
  8. Wearing my white jeans. (and yikes, I hope they still fit!)
  9. Closing all three rings on my watch.

The doctor has mentioned PT for my right ankle at both visits. I’m prepared to build back up to 2, 3, 4 and 9. But I really hope to be driving myself … alone in the car! … to knitting on Monday afternoon!

Check out Carole’s blog to see more lists … but most likely they’ll be just one three 🙂