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Happy Friday, y’all! Friday is one of my favorite days of the week (still, even retired) and my usual rotation of Friday posts – finished objects, Cheers! and TGIF – are always fun ones to write. I did finish a dress this week, and I have a solid plan for new cocktail (once I can visit the grocery store on my own), but for this week, it’s TGIF!

today’s early morning reading

Thinking about … zippers and buttonholes. in other words, taking my sewing to the next level. a level that even has me thinking about a mostly handmade wardrobe. Marc has been super encouraging about my sewing (he offered to drive me to Joann’s this week to buy thread … crazy, but I’ve already used up a whole spool! … and he even went inside with me!). Now he wants me to sew things with a closer fit. I told him that a “closer fit” would require skills I don’t have. He said I should find a class … or just try on my own because “how hard can a zipper be?” hummm… how hard can a zipper be?

Grateful for … my early morning reading time. I started this reading practice a few years back to read the pages for my weekly small group meetings. Like I shared on Wednesday, this is the time when I read the books that I want to highlight, note and savor. These books have added a new dimension to my reading … and my life.

Inspired by … this video (shared in this week’s church newsletter).

Fun! Lydia turns 50 on Sunday (she’s the baby in this generation) … and we are throwing her a little party to celebrate!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  • Honore´

    A cheerleader! How hard can a zipper be? Oh, let’s see…and a a lot of practice, not all that hard…but it’s super great that he’s supporting you! Stitch on!
    I LOVE that video you shared…it is wonderful,And I’m going to revisit, often.
    Enjoy your weekend and celebrating Lydia’s 50th!

  • Carole

    Friday is my favorite day of the week, too! I would definitely encourage you to take sewing classes if you want to learn more. That’s how I started – it helps that the sewing teacher is one of my best friends – and I learned so much!

  • Margene

    Happy Birthday to Lydia!! I hope y’all have a lovely party full of joy and good cocktails! I used to dread Sunday night, but now it is my favorite time of the week! No dread, lots of planning and organizing, all of the time in the week ahead is MINE to share and enjoy.

  • Kym

    Zippers are easy-peasy! Seriously! And in this age of YouTube, you don’t even need to find a class! Happy Birthday to Lydia! Have a wonderful celebration. XO

  • Debbie

    Zippers aren’t difficult, I’m sure there are videos out there to watch and you can always practice on scrap fabric. Hope your weekend is going well! My sister is the youngest in our generation and she turned 50 in April; I hope you have as much fun celebrating Lydia’s birthday as we did at my sister’s party!

  • karen

    I know you will rock zippers and buttonholes, all of your sewing is perfect 🙂 I love weekends as well and being home during them the most.

  • Vera

    Hi Mary! Happy belated to Lydia. I’m sure her celebration was a fun one.

    Agreeing with others – zippers are not all that hard. I just need to remember not to rush through, but rather be patient and take my time. Ditto with buttonholes. Practicing on pieces of scrap fabric is a great idea!

  • Vicki

    All that support from Marc is fantastic!! Zippers… not #1 on my list of fun things to do, and I haven’t done one in ages, but I think I could!

    I hope it was a fun party for Lydia’s birthday!! (Happy Birthday, Lydia!)

  • Lydia

    I love that Marc is into your sewing. Intown quilters is going to be offering a garment sewing class again sometime soon [I hope] and I plan to give it a try.