Sometimes Mondays.

…look a little messy.

Thankfully, many things today have gone quite well (I finished the test knit for Lori and it looks great. I had my first PT appointment and got cleared for yoga. Kirsten reposted our Monday knitting group photo of the finished mystery shawls).

But the beginning of Soyokaze was not one of them. That mess of yarn means I mis-read the instructions – not once, but twice. Instead of working ribbing on the right side and purling the wrong side, I worked ribbing on both sides. yep. oops!

I guess I should be glad I realized my mistake before that pile of yarn of ripped out yarn got any bigger.

Hope your week is off to a much less-messy start!


  • Bonny

    Hooray to the finished test knit and that great photo, but not so much for that pile of yarn. I’m betting that the third time is the charm!

  • Kym

    Sometimes life is just a little messy, y’know? Setbacks here and there are frustrating . . . but manageable. (I keep telling myself this. . . over and over and over!) Hope all is squared away and that you’re moving forward today. XO

  • Margene

    I saw the repost of your TTLM shawls! How fun! I think you made the most of the day, even if there was a little mess at one point. Today you’ll ace it!

  • Lydia

    Oh goodness! Misreading instructions is why I had to start Puntilla 3 times-it happens more often then I’d like to admit.

  • Penny

    Sorry about that mess of yarn, but I know you will quickly get back on track, and I took a look at Soyokaze – love it! If only it were in my skill set, but until then I’ll look forward to following your progress. Yay for the return to yoga and the picture of the finished shawls!!

  • Honore

    My Monday was filled with quilt meeting and lotsa errands…didn’t eat lunch til dinner time…so I called it a day and cooled my heels! Sometimes Mondays are that way!

  • Alexa

    Hooping that some yoga will hep you feel calmer than that tangle of wool suggests you feel! It is a very pretty colourway, though, and I am sure it will knit up into something beautiful. Mistakes? Just a learning curve ..