Sewing Progress.

All this time at home has been good for many things, but I’m especially thankful for the push to get back into sewing. Ditto the internet for patterns and tutorials … and so many of you with experience for your encouragement and advice!

With four solid successes,
 all of which include darts and facings, I decided I was ready to tackle the Uniform Tunic. I knew (thank you Kat and Kym) that the Uniform darts would require some adjustments. whoa. no kidding! The Uniform pattern is the one on the bottom. Next is the Esmé tunic (which I’m wearing in the bottom two photos above) and on top is the Willow Tank (which I’m wearing in the top two photos above). Those two tops fit great … and on both the darts end about 1-1/4″ below Uniform.

There are lots of tutorials for raising or lowering darts. I chose this one. Swedish tracing paper and washi tape made the whole “cut out and move” part really easy. The hardest part was “penciling in” the new side seam line.

Then I tested out the fit with some scrap fabric.
I think it works!

Now I’m excited to cut some real fabric and try out the rest of the pattern.

I’m also enjoying the new view from my sewing table. Katie helped me move it under the window and the light really is better there. The bookcase is also a lot more fun to look at than a door and a hallway.

Two nice reminders that sometimes simple changes can make a big difference!

Happy Tuesday!



  • Juliann

    Well done on making those adjustments. The darts on my tunic were good so I missed out on this fun! I just moved my sewing machine to catch a better view too.

  • Bonny

    I’m guessing the scrap fabric trial is the sewing equivalent of swatching? It looks good! Plenty of time to work on a project and lots of good light are always helpful!

  • Carole

    Good for you for making the adjustments and getting the pattern to work! I have my sewing machine in front of the window, too, it’s great light and a nice view of the trees. (My sewing room is upstairs.)

  • Vicki

    Do you have the updated pattern for UNIFORM?? They sent me new pattern sheets to insert into the books I sell/sold because the original was printed 4% smaller than it should have been. That doesn’t account for those wildly misplaced darts, but…

    And look at you SEW!! Fantastic, Mary. Making adjustments is sort of fun when you have a clue about what you’re doing! (I think so, anyway.)

  • Lydia

    I plan to glean from your experiences once I’m up to the challenge. I love that you switched your room around.