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Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

When we were first planning Lydia’s 50th birthday party, my brother suggested “French” as a possible theme. Lydia has always been a Francophile – me too! – and it sounded like fun. Then my mom and I found these cocktail napkins and it all just fell into place from there.

Turns out Paris is the perfect jumping off point for all sorts of Good (Party) Ideas:

Plates, napkins and centerpiece featuring a smartly dressed woman walking her poodle by the Eiffel Tower (Lydia’s standard poodle Sophie is black, but she definitely sports pink bows! – that’s her on the banner of Lydia’s blog)

The menu – Brie and goat cheese, olives, crudité with garlic aioli, sliced baguette with butter (imported from France), grapes, sausages in puff pastry (that’s the empty plate … they were in the oven!), lemon cupcakes, macarons (Trader Joes FTW), sparkling wine, Rosé and sparkling water. (The beer, however, was American – I’m not sure IPAs have caught on yet in France?)

Co-hosting the party with your mom and your sister (and remembering to take a pre-guests photo!)

Getting a fun photo of the birthday girl with her own mom making a birthday toast.

Smiling through post-party cleanup and feeling so fortunate to have family who are friends … and live close by!

Making wishes.

Birthday girl selfies.

Celebrating. together. always a VERY good idea!

Happy Birthday, Lydia! I loved being part of your special day!


  • Honore´

    Your table setting and the food looked great…not a crumb left. You. your mom and sister throw a great party…and your dress looks great!

  • Kym

    What a perfect party! Happy birthday, Lydia!
    (We had those same macarons at our Solstice Party in June. Trader Joes FTW, for sure.)

  • Margene

    Happy Birthday, Lydia! What a wonderful, fun and beautiful party you (all of you) threw! How fun to be spoiled under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, even if imaginary, and by the people who love you most.

  • Lydia

    Thank you for sharing the photos-it was a wonderful day on so many levels. My family is such a blessing to me-I know with our closer proximity there will be many more get togethers. xoxo