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Looking Back | July.

Especially coming after a month like June – an outing with Katie and the boys, numerous meet-ups with friends and a week in NYC – July couldn’t be more different! Looking back, I’m surprised I found as many different things to photograph as I did. (the only duplicate, completely accidental of course, is the planter on our front porch, which shows up July 4, July 21 and July 31. oh well.)

Still, it was a good month! full of bright blooms, great books, lots of sewing, a little knitting … and a plenty of time to just be.

I’m also reminded that I need to finish the current season of Endeavor. I started listening to a great string of books early in the month (David Sedaris, two Vera Stanhopes, three Miss Marples and The Woman in the Window – whew!) and got completely sidetracked from TV. The sewing probably had a lot to do with it, too. I’m barely to the point where I can listen and sew (I can listen and iron and listen and pin, so that’s a start) … watching and sewing might be a goal for August!

I have a few other goals in mind and I’ll be back next week to share those. In the meantime, it’s Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend … full of all the good things!


  • Bonny

    July does look like it was a wonderful month to just be, heal your foot, knit, sew, and learn! Other months might include more time away from home and doing, but you did exactly what you needed in July, and it looks lovely!

  • Honore

    Catching up with July, too, today. Yep, you did have a very productive and relaxing July. Welcome August! And here’s to a great weekend!

  • Kym

    Y’know . . . I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything while I sew!!! In fact, I’ve never even thought of it. I rarely even knit and watch tv! But listen? Oh, I do that ALL the time! 🙂 (I’m just not much of a tv-watcher.)
    Have a great weekend, Mary! XO

  • Margene

    You fill your life with so much of what’s good rather than counting down the days until your boot-less! You’re inspiring! Endeavor has been great television watching. I think it’s the only program we’ve watched all summer!

  • Barbara Jarosz

    Never thought of watching tv and sewing. Watch tv while I knit but keep it to something like Dateline so I can keep an eye on my stitches. Love to read your posts.

  • Carole

    I like to listen to music while I sew and now we have a Sonos speaker in my sewing/craft room so it’s super easy to do! I might try podcasts up there but I’m not very good at listening to a book and doing anything but driving!

  • Vicki

    I was suffering a bit of Endeavour withdrawal last night! Are you listening to David Sedaris read Calypso?? I am… loving it!

  • Lydia

    Hmm my July photos would have consisted of boxes, packing tape and gallons of paint. Hopefully, next July will be a little less eventful!

  • Vera

    Looks like you had a really nice month filled with good things (books, knitting, family, etc.). here is to a wonderful August (and hopefully boot-free before long!).