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Weekending in a Boot.

Hopefully we’re one down and one to go; but staying (mostly) inside and off my feet still made for a pretty sweet weekend.

Marc got us off to a great start Friday night with snacks and the first two episodes of Yellowstone. One of his golfing buddies had talked about the show and said it was like Longmire, except with Kevin Costner. I’ll say it’s more like Dallas, except with Kevin Costner, a little more violence and awesome Montana scenery. Highly recommend!

Saturday morning I finished up my second Esme Top/Owyn Shorts ensemble. 

I used the linen leftover from last spring’s aborted Daily Stitching exercise (meaning this was a “free” outfit except for the elastic in the waistband). The linen is on the heavy side, so I wanted more ease in the top; I made the Small and I’m pleased with the fit. I also used the bell-sleeve hack that Lakes Makerie shared on their blog and wow! And I tweaked the shorts – used the crotch lines from the Small and the X-Small for the rest and added 2″ to the length. The fit is perfect! (now I need to make pajama pants with the pattern 🙂 )

Yesterday morning, I ventured out for the first time … to church.

It felt good to be out, especially there. We had our monthly Women’s Ministry meeting (this was my first time Moderating the entire meeting) afterwards and I’m not sure if it was the outing, or the meeting, or both, but I needed a long nap when I got home!

In between all that, I traded messages with Lori Versaci on Instagram and started testing her new pullover pattern.

The gauge in stockinette is 26 stitches over 4 inches … which means a size 2-1/2 needle for me. Good thing I have a bit of time right now (and really good thing I have a few sweater quantities of yarn in my stash – this is Plucky Knitter Crewbie in the Naragansett Gray colorway).

Holly has adjusted rather well to the slower pace. Here she is Saturday afternoon posing for Sara.

My Apple Watch, on the other hand, is very confused. Just for kicks, I’ve been snagging my daily exercise summaries before I take my watch off each night.

Standing is no problem, but moving and exercising are just not happening (although I do think carrying this boot around should count for more; it certainly feels heavier than two pounds!) Still, my watch is cheering me on. Every morning it sends me this message 

… I wonder if it will just give up at some point?! (I hope not … at least not yet!)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too! Here’s to good week!



  • Vera

    OK, so first of all, looks like Marc did a FABULOUS job with Friday night snacks!! That platter looks so good. And thanks for the heads-up on Yellowstone…I saw one review as being the “country version of the Sopranos” which sounds good to moi.

    Now…your latest outfit…stunning! Love the color of the linen and those bell sleeves are great – this piece will carry you into early fall (maybe not the shorts…but that top will look great with jeans or slim pants. Congratulations on another great finish!

  • Kat

    Wow! Way to go Marc on that fantastic Friday feast! Well done! And, I LOVE your Esme with bell sleeves! So perfect! I hope your boot is soon just a fading memory… xo

  • Kym

    (Those damn watches never give up.) (Just sayin.) 🙂
    Nice outfit, Mary! I’m so glad you can sew with your boot on . . .
    Here’s to continued, speedy healing!

  • Carole

    Lovey our new outfit and your snacks look awesome! You’re such an active person, it must be frustrating to not be able to move like your used to doing, hopefully you’ll be back in the groove soon.

  • Debbie

    Cute outfit! I’m wondering how you can sew with that boot on? I can’t even sew with a shoe on! I hope this week brings more healing!

  • Honore Francois

    Great job on your new outfit…looks great and on you, too! Congrats on your Sunday ministry! And love the photo of Holly! She looks right happy! Continue to heal and what’s next on your agenda…besides the sweater?

  • Bonny

    Your new outfit is stunning, and please tell Marc that his Friday night snacks are being used as an example for to show John what caring husbands can create!

  • Penny

    I’m really enjoying going down this sewing path with you! I love this outfit – you wear it well! Hopefully, there is a lot of speedy healing going on under that boot, and you can get back to your normal active self soon. And I always love seeing Holly. She’s adorable. : )

  • karen

    love the sleeves of your new top! You are rocking the positive attitude while being homebound. I admire your resolve. I hope you are so much closer to being free 🙂 Holly is super adorable – whiskers included 🙂

  • Margene Smith

    I LOVE your new outfit. The top is fabulous and the fit of both the shorts and top is just perfect! I think you’ve got the fit down and look forward to more of your sewing adventures. Apple watch positive reinforcement, even when we aren’t able to keep our usual goal, is welcome. I love the simple encouragement. Sending healing thoughts to you and Mylo sends Holly a big hello! woof!