Unraveled Wednesday | For Real.

Ha! I almost made it a whole month without sharing a tale of real unraveling. almost…

I was happily knitting Clue 5 of the MKAL with Deena this afternoon when I stopped (after row 11) to admire the beautiful pattern that was emerging on this second border. Seriously, y’all – the first half of this clue is probably my favorite lace motif of the entire piece. and yep, I’m going to get to knit it twice! along with the last bit of Clue 4.

When I shared my not-spoiler with y’all last week, the boo-boo was there … but it took some really close looking today for me to see it. There’s a pretty cool yarn over, double decrease, yarn over move toward the end of Clue 4 and I did that move in the wrong place twice on that row. Here’s last week’s photo again

I briefly lamented not looking closer at my work last week, marked the row with the problem … and then pulled it all off the needles.

All things considered, I made the mistake in a pretty easy place to correct. The ripping and putting back (and counting and re-counting and putting in markers again) and re-knitting that row took all of about 45 minutes.And now I’m set to get back on track. tomorrow (or maybe Friday …)

In the big ol’ scheme of things, I certainly wish I’d noticed the problem last week – like on the row after the mistake! but I’m also glad I didn’t find it on the blocking board … or worse, when it was actually finished and I was taking photos! It wasn’t a hard fix and I probably lost only three hours of knitting time. also I’m really glad it’s behind me (and now I’m having a glass of wine) 🙂

I hope you haven’t had any real unraveling this week – but if you did, I hope it was easily fixed or really worth it. I’m happy mine was both! and thank you to Kat for giving me the perfect forum to share about it!


  • Bonny

    Even with the problem nicely circled, I’m not sure I can see it very well! But since you did spy it, I can’t imagine that you’d ever be completely satisfied with the shawl, and it is well worth the time it took to fix. I’m looking forward to admiring the FO!

  • Kym

    I hate when that happens. But . . . happen it does! You’ll never regret the time it took to rip-and-fix. (And that yarn is just gorgeous. I LOVE the color.) XO

  • Vicki

    I am SO LOVING this project! The lace is just gorgeous. I haven’t enjoyed a mystery knit like this in a while… and I’m even caught up!!

  • Patty

    That yarn is beautiful! I think I made the right decision not to knit that this year though…I don’t think I would have had the grit for the counting and recounting (which is the only way I succeed on those projects). Or the fixing that surely would have come along! I’m also glad you found it when you did!

  • Penny

    Your shawl is looking so pretty! After my experience, reading this made me cringe a little, but your knitting abilities far exceed mine. I think of you sporting a t-shirt with a big SK on it for super knitter. : )

  • Honore

    Me, I’d not have known on a galloping horse…or otherwise! Looks pretty close up and glad you only lost three hours all total. Wine’s usually always a good fixer upper!

  • Margene Smith

    Such a common mistake, which we have all made many times (over and over)! You’re look at the bright side by saying you get to knit it twice and it was a fairly quick fix. It is the process, as we’re fond of saying, and knitting IS the back and forth, the good and bad, the fun and not so fun process we love. Nice work, Mary!

  • karen

    aren’t you glad you found it sooner than later? Yay! I try to remember to look at my knitting before I set it down for the day or look at it when I pick it up. And yet I will still miss mistakes!!