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Unraveled Wednesday | Bingo!

Bingo! – left-most column and center row

Yes indeed! I finished three more books this week and finally made not one, but two Bingos!

As much fun as it is to check off those boxes, it’s even better when the books are really good:

Homegoing (upper left corner). I finished this dark-early yesterday morning and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything I want to say about it. But I’ve already told three people since then that they must read it (and I do think this is a “read with your eyes” book; I don’t say that very often, but there are a lot of characters to keep straight and the language is so beautiful you need stop, pause and re-read. often.) I’m a little jealous Katie gets to discuss this with her bookclub next month. One of my recommendations was to my neighbor and if I get even a smidge of positive feedback from her, I’m going to choose it for mine, but it will be 2019 before I have another turn to choose. Those Who Save Us made me think about the role of the non-Nazi Germans during WWII in a different way, and this book gave me new ways to think about culture, race, racism and religion.

The Woman in the Window (middle 4th row). I didn’t think this would fit a Bingo square, but when I finished, I realized it was “Set in a different season” (which allows me to use Our Souls at Night for the Romance square – win-win!) Honestly, I wasn’t all that excited about the book (thrillers aren’t really my thing), but it surprised me – and not just how it all played out (I’m almost always surprised but the endings!) The writing was good, the setting was New York City and the main character was surprisingly likable. I listened to this one and the narrator did a great job. It felt like the best of both worlds being able to really feel the action – and knit/sew at the same time!

Winnie-the-Pooh (middle 2nd column). Another listen (it’s been in my Audible library for a few years) and completely delightful. I added this one to my all-time-favorites shelf and look forward to sharing the stories with Charlie and Sam. also – doesn’t the movie look wonderful … I wonder who I could get to go see it with me?!

19 books into my card, I’m still averaging 4.4 stars. and that for me is the real winning story about this year’s Bingo!

On the knitting front, I owe y’all an update about current and planned projects … stay tuned. (and if you want to see what the Mystery Shawl looks like through clue #4 in a single color, click here.)

On the sewing front, I’m ready to start the Willow Tank.

fabric from that last Sunday outing to Joann’s. and maybe making me rethink my whole wardrobe palette!

…well, once I review all of Jen’s tutorials 🙂  A couple of y’all commented you were glad I could “drive” my sewing machine with a boot and I realized I forgot to tell you that my machine has a stop/start button. Yep, foot-free! It took me most of sewing those shorts last week to get used to it, but now … I might keep it that way. It’s also really nice to eliminate another cord!

Joining in with Kat and crew for another week of Unraveling. Happy Wednesday!


  • Kym

    Yay for Double-Bingo! 🙂
    I learned to sew on a machine in a sewing cabinet — and it had a lever that you pushed with the side of your knee. It was so cool! Just a gentle push. It took me a long time to get used to using a foot pedal! (Not to mention the times Brian used to “help” me by pushing the foot pedal when I wasn’t looking. . . That was some fun!)

  • Honore´

    Kudos to you! Maybe that boot is a blessing in disguise…you’re burning up the track despite being somewhat immobile; thinkin’ maybe I should try your approach (minus the actual injury/boot/etc)…I just picked up Homecoming from the library y’day and started this morning! You are So Right! …lotsa characters to keep tabs on. Love your new sewing project…can’t wait to see it take shape. Carry on!

  • Kat

    That page of sewing helps! Yowza! There is volumes of information there!

    And… the books! I am 5 books from a cover all… it is insane! Ha! Luckily there is no shortage of good books, and you have given me a few to add to my “want to read” list!

    I have long loved A.A.Milne’s books, every single one of them. I read them to my kids for years…such fond memories!

  • Bonny

    Now I wish I’d gotten Woman in the Window a little while ago when I think it was an Audible Daily Deal. I’m not usually a fan of thrillers, but this one sounds like an interesting summer read.

    I loved the Winnie-the-Pooh books as a child and also as an adult, and will try to see the movie, even without any children to accompany me!

  • Margene Smith

    YAY for Bingos! But all the better that the books are top notch! Thank you for the reviews. I have had a good run, too and will reach a third Bingo this week. You are accomplishing so many different things while you’re confined to quarters. I like the TTLM in one color so much better than with two. xo

  • Vera

    Love that fabric! Great books you’ve been reading Mary. I just finished (finally) a slog of a book, but am looking forward to starting something new (and better). Reminds me that I need to find my Bingo card and see what I can fill in!!

  • Penny

    Way to go with your reading! I discovered that I have Homegoing, so looking forward to adding that in somewhere this summer. And I love the fabric for your top! And of course, your shawl is looking just beautiful!

  • Lydia

    I’m looking forward to the Winnie the Pooh exhibit at the High in a couple weeks- I’m making slow and steady progress on my bingo card-I still have a few more weeks to go right?!