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Three on Thursday | Luxuries.

Not only is Carole hosting Three on Thursday (as always) this week, she’s also provided an of-course-I’ll-steal-it prompt – luxuries.

First up – that’s the scene at my kitchen counter about 9am today … luxuries aplenty, for sure. But the real luxury for me is about the time (and the space) to do what I want. journaling. knitting. volunteering (that pile of notebooks way back there and the spreadsheet open on my laptop are for the women’s ministry at church – my first full meeting as Moderator is this Sunday … needless to say, I have a few to-do’s beforehand) … and top-of-mind right now – healing (that blue pump front center inflates and deflates the air cast in my boot).

I don’t have photos to illustrate these last two luxuries, but I’m sure you’ll get the picture:

Hair cut, color and styling products. I have a standing appointment with Carla my hairdresser every five weeks. It took me almost 50 years to learn to love my hair and I treat it well with help from Carla (cut, color and the occasional blow-out and keratin) and ColorProof. My current product routine includes daily conditioner and this awesome crème which doesn’t really need heat to work, and twice-weekly shampoo.

Good bras (and matching panties). Several times in my adult life I’ve had a bra-fitting and left with one or two custom-fitted and very expensive bras. Then this past January, I visited a local lingerie shop and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they carried my size – my real size, not the size that less well-stocked shops might try to sell me and not a “custom” size. I now own five (for about the price that two would’ve cost me before). But completely new to me is matching panties. Not gonna lie, they are expensive (I carefully hand wash everything I’ve bought from this shop!), but oh my, they make me feel pampered … and luxurious!

Do you have a favorite makes-me-feel pampered luxury?

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  • Bonny

    I liked Carole’s luxury idea so much I had to “borrow” it, too! You’ve got some lovely luxuries here and the one I think I would like most is a good bra fitting and/or finding my real size and some comfortable bras. I know that the ones I’m currently wearing are stretched out and ill-fitting, but I just don’t have the fortitude to shop for anything new right now. Maybe I’ll come upon the magical perfect lingerie shop in MD sometime soon!

  • Kym

    My biggest luxury? A massage every other week. And a quarterly facial. 🙂
    It’s good to pamper yourself with little luxuries. . .

  • Vera

    These are all wonderful luxuries! I especially like the lingerie luxury. My list would include time (never enough) and massages (and I need one ASAP!).

  • Margene Smith

    I like a mani/pedi, with color on toes only in summer. I like good sheets on my bed. I may not be able to buy bedding often, but I get the very best I can afford and feel like a queen every time I climb into bed. I love good tea, not teabags. The ritual of making a cuppa is calming and I LOVE that first sip. xox

  • Debbie

    I had a bra fitting done a couple of years ago and what a difference it has made, but I do have to order them online. Other little luxuries I enjoy are my monthly hair appt., pedis in the summer, good wine, good tea, and splurging on really good meals out. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Penny

    Those are some wonderful luxuries, indeed! And I just realized that my only luxury is my nice, long relaxing bath every night – I love just being able to close the door on the world for an hour or so. I’ve been thinking about scheduling a regular massage – just need to squeeze in the time. : )

  • Lydia

    Me too on the hair front, Jairo I “think” finally has the color I wanted, of course, it still looks different in different light, but the hair products-so much great stuff out there. My last bra shopping experience netted me bras that didn’t need to be altered-such a win, but the matching panties never worked. I did find no ride up/no line ones from Soma have been the best purchase ever!

  • karen

    I go every five weeks to get a hair trim too, it does make a difference! Love your luxuries and I hope your injury gets better fast!

  • Patty

    Also an every-five-weeker in the hair department! I’ve been trying to get a massage or facial quarterly…that is a great luxury! And as a member of the IBTC bra fittings are not really necessary! 🙂