Three on Thursday | Close to a Cover-all.

I finished listening to The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side (lower right) this afternoon. Pretty much the perfect accompaniment to fixing the mistake I found yesterday and finishing Clue 5. (I was listening to The Woman in the Window last week when I made that mistake and let me say, Jane Marple is a much better companion for knitting lace … maybe because she’s a knitter?!) I’m a life-long Agatha Christie fan, but I was a Hercule Poirot snob. I think this is the first time I’ve actually read a Miss Marple! My library doesn’t have many Miss Marple mysteries on audio, but it does have the first two. I’ve just reached the murder in Murder at the Vicarage and I’m enjoying it immensely.

So now I have just three squares left on my Bingo card (you knew I’d find a way to bring this around to Three, right?):

  1. About politicsThe Soul of America (you’ll definitely be hearing more about this one; I’m almost finished)
  2. With recipes, patterns or puzzles  – Everyday Style (I’ve been mostly flipping pages and concentrating on the sewing instructions, but I do want to read it cover to cover)
  3. Non-fiction – I’d love your input!

This is the pile of non-fiction books I’ve been meaning to read and the fact that I actually bought all of them (in the last two years) says a lot! All of these were purchased based on recommendations from y’all, other blogs I read, those wonderfully inspiring newsletters from Maria Popova, or the wise women in my Friday morning small group. I’ve stacked them in order from biggest from smallest (you know, for the photo), but I don’t intend to read them in that order. Where would you suggest I start?

Joining in with Carole and friends today … Happy Thursday!



  • Kat

    Go you! I fear I am with you on non-fiction and I don’t have a clue what suggestion to make!

    But, I am 10 rows from being “caught up” with the MKAL! 🙂

  • Honore

    Gift from the Sea is absolutely wonderful…one that I dip into periodically. Brene´ Brown’s book is in my queue, too…I’ve read most of her other works. I like her but I think reading her depends on your mood. Soulful Simplicity has some interesting and “soulful” mindful moments…always enjoyed E.B. White’s works but I’m not familiar with that title…the others, I’m adding to my “look into” list. Good luck with your selection…I think I’d begin with Gift From the Sea!


  • Debbie

    I read Amazing Grace years ago and it’s a book I still pick up to dip into from time to time, so that would be my recommendation. What ever you choose, I hope you enjoy it!

  • Sylvia Johnson

    Hi Mary
    I definitely think you need to read Gift from the Sea. I have been reading it since 1986, when it was given to me. My copy is well loved. I am amazed it was written around 1955. Everything she writes could have been written today. I have recommended it to Amber and some of her friends.

  • Bonny

    Miss Marple is one of my all-time favorites! “Sitting here with one’s knitting, one just sees the facts.”

    I’d recommend Some Writer!, Gift From the Sea, and Moments of Seeing, but only because those are books I’ve read and enjoyed. The Lindbergh family lived about ten miles from here, and our house is just a block behind the courthouse where Hauptmann was tried, so AML is a big deal around here. Whenever I read Gift From the Sea I’m always amazed at how her words written more than 60 years ago still ring true today. The rest of her diaries are also interesting. I love almost anything written about or by E.B. White, and thought Some Writer! was excellent – both for the content and the illustrations. Happy Reading!

  • Vera

    I love and have read a number of times, “Gift From the Sea.” I’m glad you posted these titles (or a picture…) – reminds me I’ve been wanting to read “Some Writer!”

    Sending you an e-mail. Natsu is out and I have a coupon code!!

  • Kym

    I’ve read many of the books there, in your pile. Gift from the Sea is a classic, and one I re-read every now and then. It’s the kind of book that resonates in different ways at various “ages and stages” of life. Rebecca Solnit is one of my favorite authors. Her books are challenging and require a lot of thinking time (at least, they do for me). I have a feeling you’d really enjoy Katrina Kenison! I find her books inspiring and thought-provoking. And Brené Brown is also very good. Braving the Wilderness is timely — and especially good “layered” on top of her previous books. Courtney Carver’s book is pretty basic, and you’d breeze through that one.

    I kind of think you can’t go wrong there, Mary! Happy reading!

  • Lydia

    I’m making my way through towards a BINGO once I finish Gorky Park. Slow and steady wins the race!