Summer Bingo Update.

My knitting projects haven’t changed much since last week, not only because I’ve been sewing, but also because I’ve been reading. So I’m joining with Kat and friends today to talk about books!

Long-time readers might notice I’m taking a different approach to Summer Bingo this year. Instead of planning out my card, I’m reading for bookclub and my small group (American Gospel, Glory Over Everything, Rules of Civility), tackling a few long-time TBR’s (Stuart Little, Charles Dickens), following some awesome friend recommendations (Light of the World, Those Who Save Us, A Walk in the Woods), and generally just enjoying all of it. Note to self – I need to read like this always!

These last 14 books (I’ve managed to fit every book I’ve finished since Memorial Day into a Bingo square) have provided five of my favorites for the year (Paris in the Present Tense, Rules of Civility, American Gospel, Light of the World and Tale of Two Cities) and a stunning average of 4.4 stars*. Yes, I need to read like this always!

Here’s my Bingo shelf on Goodreads (sorted by date finished – those last four on the bottom row are in progress).

You can tell I’ve abandoned all Bingo strategy here … I’ve finished 14 books and even those four more in the wings will result in only ONE Bingo (Winnie the Pooh in the Classics square will complete that center row). My sister still loves to tell me about the summer she read 18 books and had ZERO Bingos, but she wasn’t the one sponsoring the game, right??!

One square I’ve been having fun with is the upper left “With a cover that matches a current WIP” – I originally thought I’d use Not Our Kind, and then Those Who Save Us to match my linen Lilli Pilli. But those titles both fit in other squares and then The Weight of Ink was on sale at Audible this past weekend. I’ve been wanting to read it … and it certainly matches.  and given my current knitting pace, I’m confident I’ll still be knitting it after I finish The Crow Trap.

The square I need help with is “Set in a different season”. I’m open to weather interpretations (Spring, Winter, Fall), but I’d welcome something less literal (childhood, widowhood, ?) Please share your suggestions!

I’m grateful so many of y’all are playing Bingo this year!

I guess there are never enough books.
-John Steinbeck

*Long-time readers might also recall that I am a math girl and I took a lot of statistics classes in college. I should point out that there have been several books (I cannot even recall all the titles) I started and abandoned after 20-50 pages (including one of my bookclub’s picks …ugh!) and one more I abandoned mid-way through. I haven’t included those zero stars in the average, and I haven’t counted those books in the totals.



  • Kat

    Ooo! Your idea of a different time of year is excellent…have you read Gilead? It would fit for a different time of year (as in old age!) and I loved it! It was so lovely.

    I loved Rules of Civility and Stuart Little… one of the best books ever.

    You make my “to read” list grow exponentially! XO

  • Honore

    Stuart Little has to be about the best story ever! Contrary to John Steinbeck: there are just “too” many books…all I want to give my attention to…;-)).
    Read on!

  • Juliann

    Have you read Our Souls at Night?
    I am trying not to let the “competition of the bingo cad drive my reading but it is tough 🙂

  • Debbie

    When thinking of seasons related to weather, nothing brings to mind the sense of autumn like reading Washington Irving. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and his other stories make me think of the dark, crisp fall days of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley where I grew up.

  • Patty

    I have that season square too and I love your take on it! And I’ll give a vote to Our Souls at Night to…just wonderful.

  • Penny

    A different approach can be a good thing, and it seems to be working wonderfully for you! Of course, some of the books you’ve read are now on my want to read list. : ) I need to step up my reading!

  • Kym

    I would also recommend Our Souls at Night. (Kent Haruf is one of my favorite authors. I still grieve for him.) I like following all with all y’all’s Bingo cards. So many great books out there!

  • Margene Smith

    I have Set in a Different Season and I was thinking the same thing about a season of life, not a literal season of weather. I haven’t come up with a choice yet, but I’ll let you know. Gilead, as Kat suggested, is a good one! Getting a card I liked and having books fall into place as I read has made Bingo fun this year. I usually bet one Bingo, but I might get two or three this year!

  • karen

    I try to read what I want to read – within reason. Following you and others gives me lots of ideas of what to read next as well as podcasts. Then there is the impulsive buy in a book store!! There is never enough time to read if you ask me. There is never enough time to knit either!!