Just Life

Sometimes Mondays.

…look like three more weeks.


There is some good news – today’s X-rays show that the fracture is just in one bone (not three) and it’s healing.

I started reading Gift from the Sea yesterday morning and like y’all promised, it’s perfect. a much-needed gift for my soul right now!




  • Vera

    Oh Dear! That really is quite a “contraption” you have on your foot. I’m glad it’s only one bone and that it is healing…just sorry you are strapped down for another 3 weeks. I knew you would enjoy “Gift From The Sea.”

  • Honore´

    Three more! Time will fly and good news that it’s only one and HEALING! So delighted to hear that you’re enjoying Gift form the Sea…tho’ I had no doubts at all! Happy day to you!

  • Geri

    Gift from the Sea is one the little books I’ve reread several times. The book was given to me during one of the most challenging school years in my teaching careers. Enjoy! And here’s to continued healing!

  • Kym

    Well. That’s good news, overall. (And – hey! You are rocking that boot.)
    It remains, then . . . a good time to slow down and savor.

  • Patty

    3 weeks will fly by! I’m happy to hear it’s not as bad as originally thought. I’m definitely going to take a look at that book too!

  • Margene Smith

    One bone and it’s healing! That sounds wonderful. I know you’re are raring to get out of the boot and run free, but savoring your downtime and respecting your body will pay off in time. I’ve never read Gift From the Sea and I look forward to your review. I do think they could make a more fashionable “boot”.

  • karen

    THREE more weeks??? 🙁 Well seems to me you should pick a big knitting project with 1200 yards and see if you can get it done before 21 days has passed. That might just work!