Sometimes Mondays.

…take a while to come together.

I really thought I’d be sharing this post a few hours ago because when I went to bed last night (after finishing Our Souls at Night. sigh. so good!) I had just three hours to finish Telling Tales (Vera Stanhope #2). In other words I was to the point where it seems like the loose ends can’t possibly take another three hours to resolve, and you can’t think about doing much else until you get to the end. But I spent the morning and early afternoon with my mom and (when she reads this I’m sure she’ll be impressed I didn’t mention the unfinished book once!) didn’t settle in again with my book until just after 2. What with a bit of laundry, checking out the progress in our backyard,

and a few other distractions, I did finally finish. Quite satisfied. and also very pleased with my updated Bingo card!
I hope your Monday came together, too … a little more quickly than mine did!


  • Bonny

    I originally misread and thought you were some kind of superwoman reading at 2 am! That is quite a pile o’ rocks in the backyard and a full Bingo card; I’m looking forward to seeing how they both turn out!

  • Debbie

    Wow! You are almost done with your bingo card! I can’t wait to see your backyard when it is finished!

  • Lydia

    My Monday was a bit of a blur-busy day at work and finally getting caught up on blog reading. I should have been doing some more packing, but alas-all in good time.

  • Penny

    Your backyard project looks very interesting! And I’m very impressed with your bingo card! Maybe it will inspire me to pick up my reading – I seem to have fizzled out.

  • Margene Smith

    Your Bingo card is going well as is the backyard. Do I see you only have 3 squares to a coverall! Wow! Every book you’ve read is 4 or 5 stars and that’s a GREAT Bingo card!

  • Vera

    Wow! That’s a ton of rocks (and dirt). Can’t wait to see the end result (bet you can’t wait either!).

    Your bingo card is looking great. I’ve gotten some great recommendations (again) this year from Summer Book Bingo participants.

  • Carole

    I’m not a fan of days like that, I don’t like it when things get derailed! Is the backyard project noisy? I’m guessing it is but I’m also assuming that your windows are closed because the AC is running.

  • Patty

    Sometimes I’m amazed at how little I’ve planned to do actually gets done! I am also on the edge of my seat awaiting the backyard reveal! And here’s to that awesome Bingo card Mary…so great!

  • Honore

    Some days – rare as they may be- come together as I planned; others, not at all…and very occasionally, a day will emerge durn near perfect. Whatever, always glad for each one! And congrats on your Bingo card.