Just Life

Sometimes Mondays.

…need rose-colored glasses.

I put mine on this afternoon when I learned* I have a stress fracture in the three middle toes on my right foot** that will keep me in a boot (no driving!) for at least three weeks.

First up – the doctor is confident I will be fine in about 6 weeks (maybe sooner) and Marc has already agreed to drive me to my most-important hair appointment next Tuesday afternoon.

My favorite tennis tournament is on TV. Serena and Roger are both well-positioned to be playing to win on Saturday and Sunday.

The World Cup!

I have plenty of yarn, fabric and books to keep me company … and they might give me things to blog about, too.

Lauren is bringing lunch on Wednesday. She’s also a Pilates instructor and I’m thinking she can help me figure out a boot-friendly mat routine.

Deena has offered to drive me to Monday afternoon knitting.

It’s hot outside.

Holly doesn’t need much of a walk.

See 😉 it’s all good!

(that said, I hope your Monday didn’t need quite so much re-framing to be positive!)

*ok, maybe a half hour after that … or an hour …

**I don’t know how it happened, but I think it was the last run I took on June 28. I got caught in a downpour and went a lot faster than I normally do to get home and I think I just landed wrong (and hard) at some point. Over the next few days I was in denial and finally accepted that I was injured on July 4. I decided I needed to see a doctor on Saturday. and I did, today.


  • Kat

    Oh, Mary! Ugh!! I am in agony with you! At least you got the important thing solved (hair appointments are vital!) and I am glad that friends can come to you! I think you have a good snuggly companion (Holly) who I am sure will be happy to just hang out with you!

    Sending you love and bone healing vibes! XOXO

  • Diane

    Oh gosh, Mary!!!! What the heck???!!! What a complete bummer! Lucky for you, you have plenty of indoor, sit-down things to do and you could probably have a whole new wardrobe stitched and knitted up in 3 weeks!! I’m looking forward to seeing all your new clothes you’re going to make!

  • Vera

    Yikes Mary! Ouch!! So sorry to hear this. But, true, you have plenty to occupy you while you are a bit laid up. Hoping Lauren can come up with a routine for you and can’t wait to see everything you make!!

  • Bonny

    Even though you are a rose-colored glasses kind of person, this is still a tough situation in which to see hints of rosiness, but you did it! I’m sorry to hear this and wish I lived closer so I could help with company, meals, walking Holly, etc. Sending you healthy, calcium-filled, healing thoughts, and I know you’ll truly make the best of this!

  • Margene Smith

    Having people around who are willing to get you to get to the places need to go is priceless. You’d have an entourage of helpers if we could all be near enough to help! With all your creative energy and drive there is no doubt you can fill your time with wonderful crafty fun and enjoy your “in” time. Being injured and unable to do all you love to do is tough no matter what. May the time go quickly, delightfully, and be only a little bump in the road until you can be back on your own two feet. Sending healing thoughts and love!

  • Debbie

    Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry! If I lived near you, I’d stop by to visit and help with whatever you need. Instead, I send you prayers for good healing. I hope the time goes quickly for you & is filled with good things…I can’t wait to see how much knitting & reading you’ll get done!

  • Patty

    Oh no Mary! I love your positive attitude and I know you will make the best use of your time! Sending lots of love and healing juju your way!

  • Vicki

    Oh no! I hope you can still “drive” your sewing machine! 🙂 All the good healing juju to you, Mary! I know you’ll make the best of it. Can’t wait to hear what the boys think about your boot (I know Jun & Gin would be endlessly fascinated!).

  • Kym

    I HATE being injured. Like really-truly-HATES it. I am never gracious or positive. I fuss. I whine. I get really pissy. So I am in awe of your grace and goodwill!!! Here’s to quick healing and a continued positive attitude. XOXO

  • Penny

    Oh no, I’m sorry to read this! Your attitude is commendable, though, and it sure sounds like you have some very good things to help pass the time. Which hopefully, will be quicker than expected. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers!

  • Carole

    I’m so sorry this happened! Your attitude is excellent, though, and I hope this season passes quickly. Also, I somehow missed that I needed to update my feed reader when you moved to Word Press – but I’m caught up now!