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Our Landscape Reveal.

The guys were back on Friday and they finished (on-time and a bit under budget)! I had hoped to get outside yesterday – you know, without a boot – to take photos; but instead, I’m sharing ones that Marc took on Saturday.

Here’s the front.

This is looking down the hill to the left of the house – new sod (zoysia, since this side gets very little sun), new plants (including a few roses) and lots of pinestraw.

Now we’re looking at the backyard, from just inside the gate at the bottom of the hill. It’s hard to believe this used to be a mud-puddle! The first turn in the path goes up to the patio (which is currently empty – and will soon have comfortable chairs and maybe even a fire pit). The second turn is where we’ll put a grill (also to be purchased. soon.)

Here’s a closer look at the far side of the yard. I love the hydrangeas peaking out over the wall!

A look back at the yard; this angle shows the grill and patio areas more clearly.

Looking back down the hill on the right side of the house – new plants, new sod (bermuda on this side), more pinestraw and that swale I showed y’all last week. Today we’re finally going to get rain (starting in a just a couple of hours) to test it out.

And finally, a cleaned up bed of daylilies to the right of the garage. This bed used to extend beyond the stones where Marc is standing. We made it smaller (putting sod around the stones) and moved some of the daylilies to other beds in the front.

We are really happy with how it all turned out. and look forward to using the backyard. Marc is obsessed now with finding the perfect grill. and I’m spending a good bit of time looking at furniture. (the internet is a wonderful place these days!)

And for a smile, I snapped this photo yesterday afternoon when I took Holly out for her walk. This pretty much sums up what my summer looks like!Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  • Vicki

    Oh, Mary, it turned out beautifully! I especially love the former mud puddle area. Shopping for a new grill & patio furniture sounds like fun!

  • Margene Smith

    The yard looks well planned and groomed. I love the soft scallops of lawn along the side and the rock pathway that wind around the house. Each year you’ll see the way the plants fill in and do their job of creating texture, color, and protection from the elements. I’ll look forward to seeing future shots of how the plants grow and change (next year!). Yay for the internets helping with home decor ideas!

  • Patty

    Everything looks great Mary! I’m sure you’re going to have loads of fun and make many memories on that patio. Doug just bought a new grill yesterday. 🙂

  • Kym

    Oh, wow! It turned out just wonderfully, Mary! It’s so nice to get a fully functional, “liveable” landscape. Just lovely. 🙂 Have fun with the grill and patio furniture shopping.

    I love your shoe photo. (I have those same black flip flops with the little gingham pattern inside. My favorites!)

  • Carole

    That’s really lovely, Mary, and how wonderful that they finished under budget AND on time!! Weber makes a terrific grill, I will say. Is pine straw like mulch? I’m not familiar with the term.

  • Honore´

    All looks so lovely and indeed: early and under budget! Can’t beat that! Enjoyed your foot/shoes/Holly photo…
    Looking forward to seeing the new grill and furniture!

  • Vera

    How beautiful Mary! They did a wonderful job (and the bonus under budget and a day or two early!!). I love the different paths and I love the rock swale (hoping for just enough rain to test it). I agree with Juliann – when does the knitting party on the patio commence? Have fun shopping. I’m looking forward to some new food posts too!!

  • Sara

    lol irl @ all the left shoes

    (backyard looks great! i’m looking forward to enjoying some steak from the grill the next time i am there! 🙂 )

  • Penny

    Wow, everything looks just beautiful! They did an excellent job! And yes, shopping for patio furniture sounds like a lot of fun – hopefully, you will share pictures. : )

  • karen

    Your yard is picture perfect! I am so sorry you are in the contraption and I hope the days are going quickly so you can be free once again.

  • Bonny

    Just beautiful! I also really like the hydrangeas. I hope you can soon wear two shoes to get out there and really enjoy your new landscaping and outdoor space!

  • Nancy

    Love your new landscape, especially the pine straw mulch. Did they put landscape fabric under it to control weeds? Part of ours has pine straw; I think I want it for the whole thing. Love your patio that looks like a loggia! Check out Kitchenaid grills (we got ours at Costco).