Just Life

Looking Good.

The front yard is pretty much done! This morning, they tweaked that rock-lined swale 

by adding a pipe to direct the flow from the downspout underground (it empties into the swale where that little pile of rocks is on the left side of the photo above).

They’ve also finished the swale on the other side. It’s a lot longer and will empty into grass (to be planted at the bottom of the hill) and ultimately drain down the big hill (off camera to the right).

So now work has begun in earnest on the back. 

They’ve roughed in the stone path and started bringing in plants. We won’t have any grass back there, just plants and flowers (mostly plants).

I was pretty skeptical that this was a two-week project, but I think I’m starting to believe it!


  • Bonny

    That looks like some well-considered water diversion and landscaping! Justin is in the process of building a rock-lined stream leading to a pond on the ranch, and your swale looks like a smaller version. Maybe you could have them channel some of that drainage into a nice koi pond! I can just picture you knitting on a bench nearby, feeding your fish with Holly by your side. Little boys love ponds, too! 😉

  • karen

    Your yard keeps looking better and better every time you share an update. I’m so happy you have pretty spaces to look at out your window as you finish your confinement time.

  • Kym

    It looks great, Mary! You’ll be even more thrilled when they move out and you can just live in/look at your new landscaping and . . . ENJOY!

    We live on a big hill, and have that same type of drainage system. It works like a charm! 🙂

  • Margene Smith

    The finished product is going to look great and work so well you won’t even know it’s there. The path in the back looks marvelous and will look even better as time goes by. The planners and workers did a fine job!

  • Penny

    Yes, everything is looking good! And I love the idea of a yard with no grass. I’ve wanted to do that for a while now but can’t get my husband to go along with it – yet. : ) Hopefully, after all of this rain we will still have a backyard.