FO Friday | Lilli Pilli.

I had the best intentions of getting this post up a few hours ago … just like I’m sure Nadal and Djokovic figured they’d be done with their match by now 😉

I did take advantage of the break between matches to snap a few photos of my latest FO – Lilli Pilli. Yep, I finished a knitting project!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out – especially after my false start. And a few boo-boo’s in that garter stitch ribbing when I was knitting in low light and couldn’t tell the difference between the two colors.The colors do look remarkably similar … except in good light.

My favorite part of the piece is the lace. I’ve used Sparrow for lace before and know it blocks beautifully. I didn’t do anything more than soak it and lay it flat and just look!…especially that little bit (just three repeats) at the end.I did make a few modifications to Ambah O’Brien’s design … fewer stitches. different numbers of repeats in the various sections. This might be my new-favorite three-color design. and I love that it works up beautifully with the same amount of all three colors.

My original plan had been to use more of the natural color (the one I used for the lace), so now I have a whole skien of Sparrow left. It seems like a win! (and now I can knit this “win-win”).

…and that seems like a great way to end this post – and wish y’all a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday!