Just Life


…to my new home on the internet.


This place doesn’t really feel like “home” yet. I need to move some things around, categorize all the old posts (whoa, more than 2,200 since I started blogging in February 2007) and find a theme that’s more like me.

But this is a start.

Thank you for visiting!


  • Patty

    Welcome to your new home! I’ve been away but looks like things are going well and just a day or two before you head to see Sara! I tried a new gin from VT the other day and you may be able to sample it in NY…Bar Hill…it was so delicious! (But the negroni…not for me!)

  • Honore Francois

    Aha! You moved! YAY! I was pleasantly surprised but maybe not …one less headache to have! And I like this format and it’s so much easier to “catch up” when “one is a tad out of date on her reading…” I won’t name but initials are HF…
    Congrats on the blanket finish; I’m sure Sara will love…so much fun seeing the little guys and the froze´ recipe has whet my appetite…I may give it a try.
    Catch up with moi when you’ve ret’d from your visit; have fun and

  • Debbie

    Your new “home” looks very nice so far! Sara’s blanket is beautiful and I’m sure she will love it. Have fun in NY!

  • Carole

    You finally showed up in my Feedly today – congrats on the move to wordpress! I think you’ll like it, it’s a great product.