Just Life


Looking back on my photos from the weekend, Friday night seems like ages ago (maybe because I’ve had two solid nights of sleep since then?!)

Yes, I got to spend the evening with my two favorite little guys … who are full-speed non-stop … until they fall asleep. I then had almost two hours to myself at their kitchen counter. a pleasant change of pace from my own. as was the pizza salad Katie ordered me for dinner … and the espresso that I had after the glass of wine. The TV show is The Brief on Amazon Prime. sadly only eight episodes (and I still have one to go).

The rest of the weekend was almost all about the knitting.

The top row was Saturday – with friends, on my own, watching a new Triple Crown winner. And then about 4:30 yesterday … bound off … and a little later, Holly-approved.

This morning I wove in the ends, then washed and dried (in the machine!) Super pleased with the results, but you’ll have to wait a few more days to see.

Despite what these photos say, I really did not spend the entire weekend inside. The weather was nice. We had blue skies and clouds, a run and a walk (and two rounds of golf). The butterfly bush in our front yard is full of blooms and bees … and I can only hope the butterflies get the memo that we’re ready for them.

Happy Monday!