Unraveled Wednesday | A Do-over.

First, Thank You everyone for your kind comments about the new digs. Today I’m hanging my first pictures … at least I know they’ll be straight. and after previewing a few drafts, I hope they’re all the same size!

Next up I want to rearrange the furniture and paint. I’m looking forward to Sara’s help.

I have a real unraveled story to share today. I’ve been merrily knitting along on Lilli Pilli. Boy did it feel good to cast on something new Sunday afternoon. So good that I didn’t think too hard about gauge – I knit a lace scarf (Herring) out of Sparrow with those same size 5 needles a few summers ago and I love the fabric. But after two days of knitting I could tell something wasn’t right. My piece was very wide and not nearly long enough.

Last night I finally measured my gauge. and yep, it’s very wide – as in 4 stitches per inch instead of the 5.25 the pattern calls for. oops. I took a few more measurements and did a few more calculations just to check and double-check. My new plan is to cast on 87 stitches (versus 135). Which I intend to do this afternoon … with six-plus hours of travel time, I might even knit through all the unraveled yarn!

I almost never swatch for accessory pieces … really only if I’m worried about running out of yarn. The next piece I’ll start is Kirsten’s Mystery Shawl. I bought the yarn she suggests, but still, I think maybe I’ll swatch!

Joining in with Kat and friends. Happy Wednesday!



  • Honore Francois

    Enjoy the trip and the do- over! Will look forward to your “decorator’s touch!” What’s that gadget your yarn’s sitting on? A meter/scale?


  • Kym

    I think you should do gauge swatch and wash/dry it 2 or 3 times before you go any further, Mary. Because Linen. I’ve been swatching for an Elizabeth Doherty sweater, knit in Swallow, and her directions include this very detailed information about swatching with linen — and even includes a conversion spreadsheet for how to make the gauge adjustments (which are apparently Even Trickier with garter stitch in linen). I have hated taking the time for all the fuss of washing and drying and re-measuring and converting — but I think I’m going to FINALLY like what I knit with linen. 😉

    And . . . have a GREAT time with Sara! 🙂

  • Vera

    Lilli Pilli is fun (pattern AND name!!). I never swatch for shawls, scarves, etc. You’ve got me thinking maybe I should (at least occasionally).

  • Penny

    I knew I shouldn’t click the link – I love Lilli Pilli! And Kirsten’s Mystery Shawl sounds interesting, but I’m afraid it might be beyond my ability. Hopefully, you made some good progress today. Enjoy your time with Sara!