Three on Thursday | Shopping Plans.

I’ll be in New York next Thursday and while Sara works, I have plans to meet up with Diane for lunch and shopping at Purl Soho. Purl is one of my favorite yarn shops, but they sell fabric too. I’ve never spent much time in that part of the shop, but this trip, I will!

Thinking that Sara’s blanket is going to leave a nice big opening in my suitcase, I’m planning to buy yarn and fabric. These are the three projects I have in mind:
1. Uniform Tunic, View A, in watercolor linen.
2. Lotta Jansdotter’s Kiomi Dress (from Everyday Style) in a Liberty print.
3. Terrace Wrap in Cattail Silk.
Truth be told, I have a couple of other projects floating around in my head (maybe a long-sleeved tunic like View B, or two more skeins of Cattail Silk to knit Sayer) but it’s Thursday, so I’m limiting myself to three. We’ll see what happens next week!
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