Loving Lace and Linen.

Joining in with Kat and friends today to share about what I’m making … a real celebration of lace and linen!

First up, my Monday afternoon knitting group is again participating in Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery KAL.

that’s me at 6 o’clock

We had a lot of fun knitting along together last year and I’m delighted that two more of us are joining in this time (one of the girls missed Monday … expect to see seven WIPs next week!)

My do-over of Lilli Pilli is coming along nicely; I started the second garter stripe section last night.

The piece is about 13″ wide and I expect the finished length to be around 90″ which will work nicely. I do love lace knitted in linen (and linen knitted in lace) and this color combination. It will be the perfect accessory for my first (well, first in about 30 years, but that’s a story for another post) hand-sewn outfit.

Yesterday’s cutting was to make a cap-sleeved version of this top and the shorts (without the belt loops).

the Esme top and Owyn shorts from Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style

I’m using the watercolor linen (3rd fabric from the left) I bought at Purl Soho, planning to make just the top. But after I had it cut out, I realized I had enough to make the shorts, too. Yay for wide fabric!

and for a dedicated sewing space.

(I’m hoping the yarn doesn’t get jealous … maybe leaving the swift and ball-winder in place will help.)

When I first setup this space – my “office” – I had a computer and a printer on the desk. Those have both been relocated (although the printer is now sitting on a bathroom counter and really needs a more permanent home) and now I can use the whole desk for sewing. I’m thinking I’ll move the desk to sit by the window, facing the bookcase. That will make the best use of the natural light and get the sewing machine cord out of sight. But for now, my focus is to convert that pile of pieces sitting on the ironing board into garments. Wish me luck!


  • Lydia

    Can’t wait to see these finished. I have the perfect spot for a sewing table that’ll get the nice morning light. I’ve done lots of furniture arranging in my head!

  • Vera

    Great projects and a wonderful place to sew. You’ll be done that shirt and shorts in no time!!

    Those shawls will be gorgeous!!

  • Kym

    I love having a “sewing room” (which also houses my yarn). It does make it easier to get in there and git’r’dun! As always, your knits looks fabulous!

  • Jane

    What a wonderful space. Your top and shorts look great. One of my summer goals is to make one garment for myself. The challenge is to alter a pattern to fit my petite size. Most are drafted for an average height several inches taller. Lots of inspiration here. The knitting group along looks like fun.

  • Vicki

    Woohoo!! I’m jonesing to rearrange my “make” space… and moving the computer & printer would be a step in the right direction!! Have fun, Mary!

  • Bonny

    This is wonderful! My grandfather always told me to use the best tools I could afford, work in an organized place in an organized way, and measure twice & cut once. He was a shop teacher, but this all works for sewing, too. 🙂

  • Margene Smith

    Having your machine near the window will be so great! You might consider having the light over your left shoulder as otherwise you’ll have the shadows on your work. I LOVE your workspace and I’m looking forward to seeing what you sew!