Just Life

Just Life.

One of the most time-consuming things about making the transition from Blogger to WordPress was categorizing my posts (Blogger allows for tags, but not – at least as far as I know – categories). First there was getting my head around the whole category concept. Sara’s “think bigger, Mom” was a huge help (i.e., fewer is better); as was the blog layout I chose which features the categories on the sidebar (and in pink – thank you me! – above each post’s title). Knitting, Food & Drink, Books and Travel were obvious choices. I toyed with Family & Friends, but those posts often overlapped with one of the other four (and obviously Gardening and Fashion weren’t necessary ;-).  Ultimately, I made only one more category, which I ended up naming Just Life. But as I categorized all 2,200+ existing posts, I felt somewhat unsettled by the “just” … it felt “merely”. and surely, there is nothing “merely” about life. Ultimately, the reason I have a blog is to share about my life. no more than, exactly, precisely, indeed. about life. It’s also a great reminder to me that I need to be sure my life is about more than “just” books, food & drink, knitting and travel – and that I remember to share those parts with you.

I had a lot of Just Life time today. Aside from finishing The Light of the World (which deserves a Books post all its own, but which I am completely unqualified to write – see Kym’s Goodreads review – and read the book!), I didn’t do any of those other “category things”. Instead, I enjoyed a foggy morning run to the lake

a few hours of prepping to sew (could this be called “sewing” … I might be close to making a new category!)

a meeting at church with six enthusiastic women about our Fall Gathering, a quick trip to JoAnn’s (thread, elastic) and finally, coming home – to water the flowers. Marc and I shopped for and planted those pots together yesterday. Just Life.

Just Life. Celebrated.

What about Just Life have YOU celebrated this week?





  • Juliann

    I had a just life kind of day too. Excited that you are sewing and I also loved that book. Connections, intersections, just life is good.

  • Annette

    Your words are ”merely” words but they do get most of the meaning and feeling across.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Patty

    We had dinner with an old friend and her 95 year old dad. Making time for things like that in life is important and worth celebrating! Today I celebrate 31 years of marriage…go us! 🙂

  • Honore Francois

    Clearly your post/s are wonderful celebrations of “just life” and thank you so much for sharing bits of yours with us. And for inspiring us who are also blogging to look at all the facets of our own lives and to celebrate and give thanks for the “every day features” to/of/for them.
    Yay for beginning your new sewing project; looking forward to seeing it come into being! I am now off to check out the book…I need to use some credits…Enjoy today’s life! YES!

  • Penny

    I love every post you do, whatever you may be writing about! And lately, I’ve been going back and reading some of your older posts, because there is always something to tempt me in the “you may also like” at the bottom of each post. I’m excited to follow along on your sewing adventure! Thank you for sharing!

  • karen

    tags and categories baffle me. I only want them when I am trying to FIND something. Then I wish I was better at labeling my life. Have fun sifting through the posts and going through just life 🙂 🙂

  • Lydia

    Just tequila and lemonade-cause that’s the cocktail of choice in my quest to bring up all the booze before we move! Aside from that I got nothing 😉

  • Bonny

    I’m celebrating that Karen @ pumpkinsunrise shared a comment fix with me and it works! My travails with blogger’s commenting are definitely a first world problem; blogger is still stupid, and I still intend to switch to wordpress like we talked about, but at least it doesn’t feel like I have to do it right now. So I’m raising my homemade shandy (not tequila and lemonade like Lydia!) to just life!

  • Margene Smith

    I love your Just Life category and that you put into it (life!). I love your new blog but I just found out the feed wasn’t working (which I thought was working) so I’m a day or two behind!