FO Friday | The Blanket’s Tale (the end).

As I mentioned early last week, the blanket was finished, washed and packed in plenty of time to travel to New York in my suitcase. It looks perfectly at home on Sara’s sofa.

She prefers the backside; I’ll admit it definitely shows the gradient to full advantage, but the knitter in me thinks the right side is pretty cool.

I’m glad I’ll get to picture her, sitting right (t)here, snuggled, warm and wrapped in love.

The project is on Ravelry, here. I don’t often think this about a project this big, but I’m hoping to knit another one (maybe with a worsted weight yarn so it goes a little faster? and maybe for me!)


  • Juliann

    That is a love blanket and I feel the same way when I make a quilt for someone, imagining the person wrapped in my labor of love.

  • Vera

    Beautiful! Looks wonderful on Sara’s sofa too! It was/is a big project, but it seemed to me that you moved through it rather quickly…..I think another one is a good idea.

  • Bonny

    It’s not easy when our kids live many miles away, but like you, it makes me feel better if I can picture them and what they’re doing. It’s lovely to imagine Sara wrapped up in that beautiful blanket, and even if she’s not using it in the summer, she’ll be reminded of her caring mother when she sees it on her sofa. (You will have to visit again soon so you can turn the blanket around the right way. I love the pattern on the right side!)

  • Kat

    That is absolutely a work of love and it turned out so beautifully! I think I like both sides of the blanket equally and- each for different reasons! I love the gradient look the back gives, but yes, there is something so lovely about the right side where the neutral shows much better!

    I will be excited to see this done in a worsted weight yarn!

  • Vicki

    That’s a beautiful blanket. I love the story knit into it for Sara, and also for you… not only will you think of her all comfy & cozy under the blanket, but you’ll remember this wonderful trip you took when you gave it to her. xo

  • karen

    It’s a beautiful blanket and it’s nice that both sides are attractive. I love the photo with the toes peeking out 🙂

  • Patty

    What a wonderful piece of work that is Mary! And just as beautiful as I’ve imagined! I also love the artwork above the couch. Is any of it Sara’s work?

  • Kym

    (Late to this party. It took me awhile to realize I needed to change your blog address in Feedly to pick up your new site. Duh. But I’ve got it now!)

    The blanket is just perfect, Mary — any side you choose! I’m so happy that you were able to deliver it in person, and see where it will “live” with Sara. XOXO