Just Life


This one included a lot of knitting (which I’ll share on Wednesday) and a surprising number of other good things. Thankfully, I even remembered to take a few photos:

We got the weekend off to a FriYAY start with an evening walk beer and then snacks. I was up early to watch the wedding festivities (that middle photo is the first one I snapped 😀) and Marc joined me in plenty of time to see the royal arrivals, the dress reveal and the ceremony. We both enjoyed the whole thing (and even rewatched highlights a few times). The TV was back on Saturday evening for the very muddy Preakness and I love that we have a Triple Crown contender! Yesterday morning the sun was shining for my morning walk; the daylilies are in full bloom and almost glowing in the sunshine. In the afternoon we attended a special party – a tea (complete with scones, sandwiches, my two favorite toddlers, a host of other family members and of course pearls and hats) for an 80th birthday celebration.

I hope your weekend included good things, too – please share!


  • Bonny

    John contends that snacks aren't enough for a "real" meal, but I need to show him your epic snack presentation! I may have to give Friday night snacks a try, and institute that evening walk beer tradition, too!

  • Penny

    What a great weekend! And yes, those snacks! All of the rain this weekend was a good excuse to stay in and catch up on my reading and even a little knitting.

  • Vera

    What a great weekend! Like Bonny's John, Fletch doesn't consider snacks to be a meal…and he's not into appetizers either but your selection looks amazing (and filling!).

  • margene

    I was just thinking what Bonny said. Smith would think snacks an appetizer rather than dinner, but yours do look like plenty (to me!). We watched a few highlights of the wedding, which truly was beautiful, but our main focus was else where. 🙂

  • Honoré

    I also watched the tail end of the wedding…tuned in just in time to hear the cellist! Amazing! We had pour-down rain all day and I really coveted the sunny day across the pond. Sunday drier…Monday sunny and today – Wed – 50/50…sun & clouds…
    Your weekend sounds quite nice…