Unraveled Wednesday | The Blanket’s Tale (part three).

Joining in with Kat and friends to share yet another update on Sara’s blanket.

The most exciting thing about this week’s story is that I’m now halfway through the fourth (of five) section; the end is creeping into view!

Along the way, we finished reading Paris in the Present Tense with the Kindle propped up on the counter. It was only the last 100 or so pages, but it was a great ending. We also finished A Tale of Two Cities. I listened to this more away from the house (walking, running, driving), so I’m guessing the story was a little hard to follow. Still, I gave both books five stars and that certainly counts for something!

There was still plenty of time with Holly.

But a lot more TV than usual – thanks to all the rain and our current obsession with The Americans. We are now nearly through Season 4 and I’ve knitted through every single episode so far!

We’re also caught up with Patrick Melrose. As I expected, the third episode is a lot more hopeful than the first two and I’m looking forward to see how it wraps up (there are two more episodes to go).

And on Monday, we even watched a little HGTV. Sara and I share a love for all the shows … and there was a marathon of Beachfront Bargain Hunt on that afternoon. We didn’t guess right once; hopefully once the blanket lives with Sara, it will do better.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. one more WIP shot – of the blanket’s backside. The gradient is easier to see here!