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Three on Thursday | The Beltline.

My two favorite little boys didn’t have school yesterday. So I had the privilege of joining them and their mom at a new-to-me place in Atlanta – Ponce City Market and the Beltline. Same as last week, today’s post doesn’t quite fit into Three on Thursday, but I’m going for it anyway!

  1. The drive down was awful.
  2. It was totally worth it.
  3. I’m looking forward to our next visit (hopefully on a weekend!)
Point 1. (and the actual was even worse). 
Thankfully the trip home was much better (see point 3).
Point 2. Where do I start? The cityscape views were amazing …

headed north before lunch – Ponce City Market is ahead of us
headed north after lunch – the market is behind us 

too cool! Charlie knew about this and made sure I saw 
here’s the door more “actual size”

but the up close shots with the boys….totally priceless!

even their mom couldn’t convince them to smile!
but hotdogs could!!

Marc loves hotdogs. I don’t. I texted him those photos and I think he almost wished he’d been there. (almost. it wasn’t raining at home either. and golf.)

Point 3. …maybe this Saturday.

Short weeks do fly by! I hope you’re almost to the end of your to-do list … because tomorrow is TGIF!