FO Friday | Edie.

Happy Friday, y’all! It feels like it’s been the longest week, and I still have things left to-do on my list, but one thing I do get to cross off is five days of blog posts … and finished Edie photos!

I’m really pleased with the length now (and so happy I spent the eight-ish hours to fix it).

Ravelry details here 

Isabell Kraemer is one of my favorite designers – great shapes, fun details and well-written patterns – and Edie delivers all of these. Isabell wrote the pattern to use a 100% linen yarn (the lovely Quince & Co. Sparrow). She says she added the slip-stitch stripe detail – barely visible in this photo – to combat linen’s tendency to bias. I used a 90% merino/10% linen blend (Madelinetosh Dandelion); and while my swatch biased like crazy, the finished piece looks … fine! Go figure.

The only modifications I made to Isabell’s instructions were to work Sunday Short Rows (this is my go-to short row method and while Carol says she doesn’t recommend them when the short rows are worked just one stitch apart, I did it anyway and it worked fine) and to bind off with a size up needle. If I’d paid closer attention to my row gauge, which was a lot bigger than the pattern suggested, I would’ve known to knit a lot fewer rounds the first time around. (you’d think I’d know better!)

When I chose this spot for the photos, I had hoped you’d be able to see the beautiful irises blooming behind me. Sorry about that! Here’s a photo I took yesterday afternoon and there are even more blooms today.

I’m so glad it’s #blueskybloom season again!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend … that’s not nearly as stormy as the weather folks are predicting 😀.