Just Life

Inexhaustible Supply.

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day (thank you, Kym, for the reminder!)

Here’s the one I’m carrying with me today.

Inexhaustible Supply

There is no distance,
after all, between the
heart and the object
of its longing, no gap
between theory and
experience. It’s all
here in easy reach.

This isn’t a secret
teaching, locked away
from the uninitiated.
Ask, and All That Is
responds. Knock, and
in some corner, a door
opens. Pray and the
day is different.

Like fruit at harvest
time, love is mine
for the gathering and
giving, always an
inexhaustible supply.

The only proof of
this is in living as
if the source of love
will not run dry. To
fear that I might prime
the pump and find
nothing in my cupped
and eating hands is to
doubt the One who
authors everything.
Why go there?

– Danna Faulds, from One Soul