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Eye Candy Friday.

Partly in response to all the favorable comments about yesterday’s blue sky blooms and partly because I know many of y’all are expecting snow in the next couple of days, I thought I’d share some more April Eye Candy.

I’m pretty sure the photo I shared yesterday is a wild azalea. Here’s that same tree with its neighbor

and a portrait shot of those orange blooms.

These are the azaleas at the front of our neighborhood. I took these photos yesterday morning, anticipating that Masters-focused post.

From this morning’s walk, here’s the snowball viburnum I shared in Tuesday’s March recap (this is what the “green hydrangea” turned into!)

and last – but by no means least – cherry blossoms. These blooms are showing up everywhere right now … and our church grounds are covered in pink! When I left my small group meeting this morning, the light was just right for the pink

and one more #blueskybloom!

Wishing everyone a bloom-filled blue sky kind of weekend, with light, bright Spring-like thoughts (especially all of you who might see snow instead).

And a special shout-out to Carole who is running for Selectman in her town; tomorrow is election day and I know she appreciates all our support!


  • Patty

    I can't believe the viburnum has bloomed already! And the cherry blossoms. We were in DC last weekend and they hadn't come out yet. Those poor bus tour folks! đŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend Mary!

  • Bonny

    Those blue skies and all those blossoms! It's almost like you live in a fantasy flowerland and not just 800 miles south; I guess those miles make a BIG difference! Happy weekend!

  • karen

    good golly you have some lovely views. Everything is still quite brown but currently the sun is shining and that is all that matters for me at the moment.

  • Karen S

    I planted an orange azalea last year. It reminds me our my MIL as she had one in her garden. Jealous of your flowers and nice weather.

  • Carole Julius

    These photos are fabulous! We had snow again yesterday and I still don't see temps much above 50 for the next week. I know spring will arrive eventually but I wish it would hurry up. Thanks for the election shout out and love, too!

  • margene

    It's no surprise your blossoms are far ahead of ours. Now I look forward even more to the beauty that's coming to my neighborhood, sadly, sans azaleas!

  • Kym

    Thanks for posting these photos, Mary. I really need to see blooms. . . because it was 15 degrees F yesterday morning when I let the dogs out, and it's snowing (lightly, thank goodness) this morning.

  • HonorĂ©

    My azalea bush bloomed in Dec and then: a cold snap took care of that! We probably won't see azaleas around here for a couple weeks. Your photos are lovely and I so much appreciate your sharing them – we need a break from grey skies…