Unraveled Wednesday | Tempting Spring.

When I finished All the Love, just before our trip, I had planned to start a spring cardigan once we were home. But when I checked the weather forecast on Saturday, it seemed like I might have time for one more cool weather sweater.  I have this weird thing where I need to wear something I knit for myself when I finish it, to bond with it, I guess … otherwise I seem to never wear it. So knitting “just for the season” can be tricky. I’d made peace with leaving Comfort Fade Cardi until next fall, but I gave into the temptation on Sunday. and I cast on.

Ravelry details here

I split for the sleeves yesterday and I’m already halfway down the body (well, except for 3″ of ribbing at the end). Isn’t that fade cool? must admit, the 36 rows in between the fade sections are the slowest part of the sweater … especially now that it’s just plain stockinette.

This is a very straightforward topdown seamless cardigan knit in a DK yarn. In other words, it shouldn’t take too long, which is a good thing (#BangOutAFade).

I just checked the 15-day forecast

The weather at the end of next week will be perfect for its debut.

Of course spring is a fickle season. This sweater just might shepherd in some (really) warm weather!

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