Just Life


Turns out finishing that test knit involved a little lot more time than I thought it would. But my work on it is now done … and hopefully some concentrated fan action will yield a real FO by morning. The knitting kept me away from the computer for most of the weekend (and yikes, I feel like I’ve been gone for weeks, not just days – can’t wait to read your blogs and find out what’s been happening!) and this morning I felt like it had kept me away from more than just that … until I looked at my photo stream. Oh yeah, there was more than just test knitting!

I don’t have photo evidence for all of it, but now I remember there was clothes shopping (for me!), finishing up The Night Manager (oh my goodness, we loved it!), miles on the treadmill, a quick visit with my mom (which even involved a little bit of furniture assembly, but no power tools ;-), a nice FaceTime catchup with Diane, knitting with Deena,

#ParallelogramKAL – mine’s in front and Deena’s is in the back … since this photo, she’s made a lot more progress and I have not!

walks with Holly (in the rain … happy to report the sun is shining now!), and

a leisurely birthday brunch with my favorite in-town girl.

I’ve started another deadline knitting project (more on that Wednesday), but I’m not thinking this one will be quite as consuming as the last one. Hopefully….

Happy Monday! did you capture something good with your camera this weekend?