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from today’s walk

It’s nice to be back with Carole and friends!

We are slowly getting back into the post-holiday swing of things:

1. The Christmas decorations are put away. The two remaining poinsettias (the big ones in the dining room), baskets of glittered pinecones, Frasier Fir candle and mercury glass trees on the mantel are now “winter” decor.

2. Lauren and I braved the park – just for a lap – this afternoon. I know the “feels like 15 degrees” is warm for many of y’all … but it’s not for us! First time ever – the pond has ice cubes!

3. We finished all the leftovers last night. It’s been a while since I roasted chicken breasts and washed lettuce. But I’ll be doing both those things just as soon as I publish this post!

ice cubes!

Hope your week is going well – and you’re staying warm!


  • Bonny

    Even I was struck by the sight of ice on your pond; that is not a normal scene in GA! I do wish we had "feels like 15 degrees". I shoveled all afternoon in "feels like -20" temps, but am now totally deserving of all the warm coziness and knitting I'm enjoying this evening. Stay warm!

  • Lydia

    The last few days have been too "frosty" for me. Even our office has been cold, but thank goodness for the warm wooly things I have-maybe Vegas will be a smidge warmer!

  • Vera

    Yikes! That is celatives in cold for you in GA. Relatives in VA Beach hot more snow than we did. I was very happy to have a snow day today!

  • Patty

    It's. So. Cold. And getting colder again! Minus 14 or so expected tomorrow a.m. (Though we actually had -20 the other day.) Stay warm Mary…good timing for a bourbon drink!

  • Debbie

    15 is cold no matter where one lives! I'm waiting to wake up to a temperature above zero, it is so hard to make myself go to the gym on these bitter mornings and my dog wants nothing to do with a walk! Oh well, it's winter! Stay warm & cozy!

  • Vicki Knitorious

    It must have been a bit shocking to see that ice!

    Right now, we are at "feels like -14." At least it's sunny? I was going to say that we're positively giddy over the forecast for around 30 one day next week, but now I've checked and there are THREE days in the low- to mid-30s and another that's 38!! It will be a nice reprieve.

  • karen

    I love to decorate for Christmas and then I love to put it all back in January and see a clean open house. We finished our leftovers a few days ago and it made cooking easier!!