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Three on Thursday | with Charlie.

It’s almost 7pm as I start this post – even for this by-the-seat-of-my-pants blogger, that’s late. But yesterday evening, my original plans for today got a big reset – Katie called to ask if I could stay home (at her house 🙂 with Charlie today … and of course I said yes! At the top of this morning’s grateful list was “flexibility”. followed by hot coffee. and the opportunity to spend a whole day with Charlie.

Which means photos! and in the spirit of Three on Thursday, I chose just three:

Shortly after I arrived (with a pack of 16 colored markers), Charlie sat down to write another letter to Santa. This might be his 4th? I’m honestly not sure if the other three are pictures, too. I’m also not exactly sure what he’s asking for here … but I love that he uses all the colors and makes both big and little shapes.

It rained this morning; and then just before 11, the sun came out. We took a walk in the neighborhood (and counted wreaths – one house had six!) while we waited for the driveway to dry off … for chalk. I traced Charlie’s shadow and then he traced mine. and I’m not sure it shows up too well in the photo, but then he connected our shadows with one blue line. ♥

Much later (after lunch, after nap), he played with the BIG box that the package truck delivered yesterday. The box was full of cushioned packing stuff and he had a ball with all of it. This shot – my favorite of the day – came after he’d buried himself in the box (“Marmie, shut the lids”) and then jumped up yelling “Surprise!!”

I’ll be back with Charlie tomorrow, too. I’m sure after dinner, a glass of wine (or two) and a good night’s sleep, I’ll be ready 🙂

…and yay for a successful conclusion to NaBloPoMo! (and to all of you who cheered me along – thank you!)