Just Life

Some Progress.

By 5 o’clock yesterday, my mom’s place was a mess starting to take shape.

We successfully transferred five carloads from my sister’s basement and mine and started unpacking it all. Much of the two carloads that came from my basement were Christmas decorations. Years ago, my mom stopped putting up a Christmas tree and started collecting Santas. It’s amazing how just a few decorations can transform the place!

She added only one Santa to her collection this year – a birthday gift from all of us. We bought this little guy (he’s about 6″ tall) in Sitka; it’s a nice memento of our trip together. Thankfully, we were able to find him among all the boxes and he’s now happily sitting on that mantel, too.

Today, the two PODS are getting unpacked. Hopefully today’s photo will include furniture (and not too many unpacked boxes). and much later tonight, I might even have time for a little knitting and some twinkle lights.

We bought an artificial tree this year and I’m loving it. It took about 5 minutes to setup, doesn’t shed or need water (wow, it’s so nice not to have to sweep under it every day) and has six different light settings. So far, we’ve kept them simple – clear and bright – but when I got home last night, Marc had them multi-colored; I must admit, they’re pretty! Truly, there is nothing better at the end of the day than sitting with my knitting and enjoying those lights.

Wishing you twinkle-light joy, too!