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Monday Merriment.

It seemed like I enjoyed a full month’s worth of merry this past weekend, and yesterday … seemed like a full week’s worth!

I went with my mom to sign the final paperwork and pick up her keys (eeep!! we start moving in today!) Then we went to Target (first of many trips, I’m sure). After I dropped her back at my sister’s, I raced home, cleaned up, did laundry and showered and drove to Katie’s. We had front row seats for Charlie’s Holiday Program!

waiting for his class’ turn to perform

Charlie did not sing, but he was very good at standing in a straight line.

Charlie is just to the right of center…not singing

We went back to Katie’s for an early dinner and then I enjoyed bath and playtime with the boys

before racing home (again) for bookclub. Our December meeting isn’t a book discussion; we have an ornament exchange. and a birthday celebration! These two girls have December birthdays (Sunday and today) and were both surprised with the cake and candles.

I had 19 stand hours on my watch by the time I got home and settled on the sofa with Holly for a little knitting and the end of A Christmas Carol.

It was a lovely ending to most merry day!

Hope your week is off to a merry start, too – happy Tuesday!


  • Bonny

    I miss children's holiday programs – fun, adorable, and sweetly poignant. I like the enthusiastic waving to audience members (along with the standing in a straight line)! It's so nice to see Sam, Charlie, and their big smiles, and I hope your mother's move goes smoothly!

  • Kym

    That was a most merry – and busy – day, Mary! Full of many good things. 🙂 There is something so special about children's programs at Christmas — they are just magical. (My Brian never did the singing either. He also didn't stand in a straight line especially well. But he was always adorable.) (Erin? She was very serious about the performance — and an enthusiastic singer.) Here's to a smooth move for your mom!!! XO

  • AsKatKnits

    Okay, I am exhausted just reading your day! Here is to a calm week between Christmas and New Years! Oh, and may your mom's move in go smoothly without many more trips to Target!

  • karen

    19 hours of standing! whoa. Your Holly looks snug as a bug 🙂 Frodo doesn't sit still for anything. Silly dog! Looks like a fun time being out and about