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Christmas Weekending.

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend … and maybe now you’re enjoying a bit of quiet and a glass of wine, with Alexa playing Charlie Brown Christmas … the perfect accompaniment to looking back on these last few days 😊.

Saturday morning I hosted the whole family (13 adults and two little boys) for brunch. All three of the non-local grandchildren (now living in DC, New York and Nashville) were here, which made it extra special. Sadly, I have no photos, so you’ll just have to trust me – it was great to see everyone and it was all delicious. Much later, while Marc and Sara were napping, I wound a skein of yarn and sort of swatched for Joji’s lacy Boxy.

Then we made snacks for dinner and watched Love Actually. after which Sara showed us this great follow-up (and makes me wish – all over again – that she lived closer so we could enjoy stuff like this more often).

Sunday morning, Holly and I walked to the lake (which is a nice way of saying I carried Holly on a 3-mile walk), mostly so I could take a photo to share on Christmas morning.

We had my mom over for brunch

(Marc played golf)

and the afternoon. We played Yahtzee

and started a puzzle before church. For sure, one good thing about Christmas being in December is that a 5 o’clock service is plenty dark enough for candlelight.

While I was at church, Sara made dinner … and it was amazing. I’ve decided the food from the weekend deserves its own post. Stay tuned. Much later – in fact it was Christmas morning! – Sara and I finished the puzzle.

and stayed up for another 45 minutes to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas. What a lovely way to welcome Christmas Day!

Yesterday’s plans were thrown a curve ball when Marc woke up sick. Sara and I did go to Katie’s

Sara gave Charlie Tinker Toys and Sam a fun puzzle with locks

but we were home before dark, which turned out beautifully.

sunset from my front porch

We extended the celebration today with a girls’ lunch out. and finally, a group photo.

Lydia, Paula (my sister’s younger daughter), Mother, Karen, Sara, Katie, me

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful Christmas weekend and a great way to kickoff the end of 2017. I have grand plans this week for knitting and reading … which I hope to share tomorrow. Do you have any “grand plans” left for this year?


  • Juliann in WA

    We had snow on top of icy roads on Christmas Eve so we are just sticking close to home and waiting for the gravel truck to de-ice our neighborhood since it os too cold and not enough sun to melt things. The girls and their husbands braved the icy roads for a short but sweet Christmas brunch. I think I needed this down time to renew my spirit. Doing lots of Pilates and knitting.

  • Honoré

    Your Christmas weekend and Day were just great; hope Marc's feeling better today…and Sara looks like NYC really does agree with her! Love the photo of all the "girls." and the coffee puzzle – what fun!
    My plan for the weekend is to stay in …I have any number of options …and Moday – a birthday brunch out!

  • Bonny

    I do hope Marc is feeling better, but aside from that, it looks like a perfectly beautiful Christmas! I especially like that all the far-flung grandchildren could be there and your girls' lunch out. I also have big plans for reading and knitting for the rest of this week, and I'll be anxious to hear your specifics. Enjoy!

  • AsKatKnits

    I am sorry that Marc is not feeling well. I hope he is better soon! And, what wonderful celebrations! I hope that the rest of your week is simply marvelous! XO

  • Debbie

    I hope Marc will be feeling better soon! Our Christmas was one of both celebration & sadness, my brother in law's mother was placed in hospice care on Christmas Eve and passed away Christmas morning. Although bittersweet, we still celebrated Christmas and kept her memory close with us.

  • Vicki Knitorious

    I hope Marc is feeling better!! Your celebrations sound wonderful. We had a nice & quiet Christmas Eve, a very fun & busy Christmas afternoon/evening, a birthday on the day after, and today the family from Spain arrives to visit for a few days!! Thankfully, after today, I'm off until the new year…

  • Penny

    Sorry to hear Marc is sick. We've been trying to dodge illness – so far we've been lucky (except for a brief stomach bug) – probably just jinxed us. : ) It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and knitting and reading are great ways to spend the remainder of 2017!