Alaska | Wrapping Up.

Monday, August 28 was our last day in Alaska. Lydia, Steve and I had a nice morning walk.

stunning view of Mount Susitna from Resolution Park

Then we finished packing and a last bit of shopping before lunch.

loved seeing our ship (the Silver Shadow) on the menu

Our flight from Anchorage to Seattle left mid-afternoon (truly, first class is the best way to travel)

the last photo I took on the trip

and then to Atlanta on the red eye. We made it home (and to bed!) Tuesday morning. tired. happy. and full of memories.

Thank you for allowing me to share a few of them with you these past few months (!!). It’s been wonderful to sit down on Friday morning, look back at the photos and remember. I’ve also winnowed the 1,000+ photos down to a somewhat more workable 196. Last week Honoré asked if I had a favorite and I replied I might be able to get it to ten. Well, turns out the limit of my photo mosaic app is nine – so here they are

left to right, top to bottom: last sunset, Grandview, dinner on the train from Talkeetna, the last night on the ship, birthday lunch, steam train in Skagway, pre-dinner mirror selfie fun, the whale … and our first trivia game (that’s also our first group photo from the trip)

I have just one more thing to share – I started using the 1SE app in August with the goal to create a short video from the trip. Last night, I finally did it!

Happy Friday!