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Looking Back | October.

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying a peaceful Sunday, perhaps a bit more rested than usual thanks to that extra hour? I used that hour this morning to pull together my October photo-a-day mosaic. Wanna see?

Lots of Holly and home. Changing seasons. Knitting – a swatch, a few WIPs and several FOs. Family.  Friends. Two special birthday celebrations. and finally, both of my favorite little boys!
I’m reminded – yet again – how much I love this daily photo habit. One photo may not seem like much, but it can tell a story. And when I look at a month of them all together, I can’t help but feel grateful … and smile. 
My intention for NaBloPoMo Sundays is to share a selfie. Here’s the one I took today.
My Never Say Never (aka Through the Loops Mystery Shawl 2017) debuted today. I’d planned and knitted the white and gold to be a Georgia Tech gameday piece, but I haven’t had a Saturday opportunity to wear it. And given their season, I’m sure it appreciated a nice dress and a beautiful church service instead.
See you back here tomorrow!