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Cheers | an Old Fashioned.

When my sister was over last Saturday, we were talking cocktails (as we do), and she mentioned that this is Old Fashioned Week. Great, I thought, that will be the perfect recipe to share for next week’s Cheers – fully expecting that she would treat me to her version (and allow a few photos) when we met at her house for knitting on Wednesday. Well… she forgot (we enjoyed a very tasty pomegranate cider margarita instead) and I was on my own! She did send me a few recipes Thursday evening

um, yikes! I had no idea there was so much variation in recipes!

and we agreed the more traditional approach (i.e., not a fruit salad) was best.

I decided to use Cointreau to take some pressure off the orange peel muddling step, but kept the rest of the ingredients and preparation simple.

Old Fashioned

1 sugar cube
Angostura bitters
1/4 oz Cointreau
1/4 oz water
1 orange peel (I used a vegetable peeler and was able to get mine about 1″ x 2″)
2 oz bourbon

Place the sugar cube in the bottom of a rocks glass. Add two dashes of bitters, Cointreau and water, then muddle to dissolve the sugar. Add the orange peel when the sugar is almost dissolved and muddle it, too.

Add ice (I don’t have those fancy big cubes, but one of those would be perfect; I used a small handful of the cubes from my ice maker), then bourbon and stir.

Pairs well with a fire (and some easy knitting 😉).

Now that I’m getting more comfortable with bourbon cocktails, I’m looking forward to the Fairytale of New York (shared in a previous Cheers post). That Winter Warmth syrup is a great mix-in for all sorts of holiday cocktails… and of course a batch mixed up now will take you into the new year!

Happy Saturday!