Five on Friday | In Pictures.

Trying to figure out what I would post about today, I realized I have five photos from this week that I haven’t yet shared with y’all. Here you go!
 Alaska Cardigan … done! (modeled photos coming from Alaska!)
a half scoop of coffee chip ice cream (for my summer bucket list)
Lauren and fabulous author Karen White (Lauren invited Karen – and me! – to her bookclub yesterday to talk about The Night the Lights Went Out … and a lot of other things 🙂
Alaska Hat & Mitts … done!
… so of course I had to start another Alaska project (I still have 4-1/2 more days before I leave!)
Looking back on the week, I’m reminded – yet again – how powerful photos are to tell our stories. I’m so grateful to each of you for reading mine! Have a wonderful weekend. Take photos!