Think Write Thursday | Three Good Things.

Today’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write about three good things that happened this week.

Sitting here Thursday evening with a grapefruit vodka tonic (and a shaking dog in my lap – thunderstorms!) and only one item left on this week’s to do list (a Friday afternoon trip to Costco), it feels like a very good week. Here are my top three highlights:

Tuesday bedtime

1. I had not one but two playdates with Charlie. Tuesday afternoon I picked him up from school and we went out for frozen yogurt before heading home to play with Sam and Katie. I stayed through bedtime – always a treat – and then enjoyed a delicious dinner and some good girl-talk with Katie. This morning, we went to the park and then out for pizza. I’m really happy one of the guys in my life loves pizza as much as I do!

Thursday at the park

2. I also met up with friends two times for knitting. Our Monday afternoon group is coming together nicely, and it helps to have a common project.

FIVE mystery shawls!

My shawl is bottom left – all the way done with clue 4, so I used the time to finish up the second sleeve on Tide Chart (aka the “four week sweater“).

3. And thanks to that, and a little more time on Tuesday morning, Tide Chart is done and blocked!

We all know that focus on the GOOD is GOOD for us so let’s do it!  Head on over to Carole’s blog to share your GOOD this week!